Planting a Flag

Summer and the Lughnasa Moon

Wednesday gratefuls: Shirley Septic. Ruth, and her emotional honesty. Jon, gaining some traction. Gabe, lover of animals. Joe, coming on the 14th. Seoah and Mary. Diane. Tom, his trip out here still resonating. Gnome, sweet Gnome. Rebecca at p.t.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Family

Tarot: Justice, #9 of the Major Arcana, reversed


Ruth and Gabe came up Sunday night. Late, around 7. We had a couple of good days. Sweet ones with conversation, meals, time with the dogs, and especially for Ruth, pruning. This house will be a memorable spot for them as they get older. Grandpop and Grandma’s house in the mountains.

Lots of memories. Ruth learning to cook. Kate. Sew. Kate. Be a woman. Kate. Gabe finding antlers. Losing his toys in the backyard. Loving the dogs. Putting together puzzles. Watching TV. Sleeping in the painted room, the kid’s room. Hanukah. Thanksgiving. July 4th. Birthdays for Kate, me. Their Dad’s residence here for a year.

In my life it was the farm. The place where my cousins Diane, Richard, and Kristin lived. Uncle Riley and Aunt Virginia. Summer weeks spent there. The humidity high, corn, too. The cattle. The gravel driveway. The bedroom that smelled like cedar. Collies. Fireflies. The Blue River.

This was the point of our move. To be in Ruth and Gabe’s lives. We’ve achieved that, planting our flag in their developing psyches. Justice. Love. Compassion. (Leadership, eh, Paul?) Love and respect for animals and the natural world. Creativity. Writing, painting, sewing, cooking. Stability and calmness. As they grow, they will know their grandparents stood for a full life, an engaged live, a creative life, but most of all, a loving life.

My job. Continue. Create new memories, new days and weeks, and holidays, and special moments. This is a task of the third phase, helping prepare the next generation. I feel lucky to participate in it.

Drove over to Bailey yesterday to get hot dogs at the hot dog spot shaped like a hot dog. Closed. Boarded up. Well, damn. Had to get Subway instead. A let down. But. Liks has its second outpost here in Conifer. It’s the number one spot for ice cream in Denver. Yumm.

Justice reversed. Point taken. Reeling back in my frustration, taking into account depression, grief, general dysfunction. Still need to have a talk, but perhaps a different focus. I appreciate the nudge.




*”Ask yourself if you’re judging a situation or person unfairly? Do you fully understand all sides of a story? Don’t jump to conclusions too soon. There could be big gaps in your knowledge of what’s really going on. Take the time to listen to both sides carefully and without judgment.” Tarotluv


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