What Got the GOAT?

Summer and the Lughnasa Moon

Thursday gratefuls: Rebecca, p.t. My IT band, gradually, slowly loosening. Cool morning. Allergies. Oxygen. Good O2 saturation. Rigel eating well. Kep’s response to the cytopoint. Supper with Jon tomorrow night. Ruth. A fine young woman.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Muscles and fascia

Tarot: Six of Pentacles


What if top athletes turned out to be human after all? I think the notion of GOAT overused and awfully confident, given we can’t know the future, or, even weigh the present accurately against the past. In a post career world, like, say, Michael Jordan, being the GOAT might gild the sunset a bit; but, for a working athlete like Simon Biles, a weight too much.

Simon Biles has transformed what it means to be a woman athlete, what it means to be great and confident. And, I love her for it. Legends live authentic lives, not lives dictated by the restrictions of stereotypes or expectations. Biles is on her way to legendary status.

How bout that infrastructure deal? From what I’ve read so far, a timid and inadequate piece of work in its content, yet a marked improvement in bipartisanship. I’m gonna applaud the optics of Democrats and Republicans working together on anything. I do think it’s important for our democracy that the two parties work out a deal now and then.

But. I also think the work ahead will include at least two very important legislative items that need to be “muscled” through with the help of budget reconciliation: the remaining infrastructure work; and, the voting rights bill, by any means necessary. Including eliminating the filibuster.

In politics the word for GOAT is statesperson, one able to view political dynamics from above the fray and able to bring others to their side in spite of disagreements. Don’t see any of those out there right now. None.

Tarot and Kabbalah. I know. How woo-woo can you get? I mean… Yet. In both I find meaning, new places to stand as I see myself and others against the big, big tapestry of spacetime. There are plenty of examples over the last few days. The Tarot cards I’ve drawn have illuminated present situations, giving me a perspective I would not have gotten elsewhere. I’m grateful for them.

Kabbalah itself works as a metaphor for the complex interplay between malkut, this physical, material world, and keiter, the crown of creation. How energy travels up and down the Tree of Life. How virtues, midot or character traits, like wisdom, understanding, loving kindness, justice, beauty, facilitate the transmission of power from the ayn soph, the nothingness fecund and distant, through yes and no and pleasure to create the place where we live our lives. Before birth, we were in the fecund, distant realm of the ayn soph, after death we return there.

What or where is it? Don’t know. Don’t care. But. A place or a state of becoming exists which holds us before and after our turn in malkut. We participate actively in the creation and transformation of reality. The Way of transformation and creation has identifiable attributes, attributes we can nurture? Yes, that I care about.

Example from today: the six of pentacles. Here’s one possible interpretation:

“The Six of Pentacles is a card of giving and receiving. Sometimes, you are on the giving end; other times, you are on the receiving end. It’s an ongoing cycle of life, and this card serves as a reminder that the balance can change at any time.” biddytarot

I’ve been on the receiving end of so much love, comfort, concern since Kate died. My gratitude mirrors my need. I needed a lot of holding, a trust fall into the arms of my support system. Held up! So many gifts of time, of hugs, of lodging, of food, of visits. Of respect and care. Tom’s visit. Joe and Seoah’s generous offer of their home. The Mitzvah committee and the food. Rabbi Jamie and the services around Kate’s death. The Ancient Ones holding me as I fell into the well of sorrow. Rigel and Kep, always there for me. And more, so much more.

Now that I’m stabilized, it’s becoming my turn. I like the concept of generosity the figure in the six of pentacles exhibits, but I resonate most with this observation from the kasamba website:

“Another perspective holds that this type of aid is fake or not enough. It isn’t from the heart. When there is so much abundance in the environment, why should people suffer at all? It points at class differences and the inherent inequality in our lives…In a perfectly equal world, all three people in the card would be standing up, having one another at eye level, regardless of how much money they have. They would have equal worth as humans.”

Yes. Let generous inclinations support the broader initiatives of President Biden where childcare, eldercare, healthcare are seen not as profit centers, but as infrastructure as or more important than bridges, roads, and railroads. If we help this sort of legislation become law, we might alter this card, stand up all three into a community of caring. Yes.


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