Summer and the Lughnasa Moon

Friday gratefuls: Cool morning. I really like cool mornings. And afternoons, too, for that matter. Evenings? Yes. Nights. Them too. Jon. Ruth. Gabe. Kate, always Kate. Tarot. Kabbalah. Lodgepole Pines. January 6th investigation. Hawai’i. Joe. Seoah.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Kate

Tarot card: Seven of Swords


tesla in colorado springs

A busy day yesterday. Breakfast with Alan at the Conifer Cafe. Afterward he charged his Tesla. It only needed a bit of a charge. Tesla charges a dollar a minute for any time you’re connected to a charger, but already fully charged. Always good to talk to him. Learned some things about commercial real estate. Office real estate bad. Small business real estate, better.

Haircut after breakfast. Jackie. Such a sweetheart. She asks about my health, about how I’m doing. Including, what are you doing today? What kinds of things are you doing? Gentle, not probing. Did make me think. She and Kate were good friends and I came to her shop on Kate’s advice. Glad I did.

Home for a short nap. Over to mussar. Dropped off Kate’s brand new wheelchair and her green Rollator at the synagogue. Donation. Hope some folks get good use out of them.

The pruning got a lift the first of the week with Ruth finishing the jewelry and going through Kate’s clothes. Ruth was too wiped out though to go through the sewing room. I get it. She was very close to Kate and this work drains the psyche, the heart. She’s coming back on Sunday.

Weird problem with paying bills. I’m new to this since Kate liked to pay the bills, handle the money-for the last 30 years. I’m using bill pay through my checking account. It allows me to set a date when a bill will be payed. I thought (still think) that I set dates for the gas, electricity, and phone/internet bills.

But. Apparently not. I ended up late on all three. Not sure what I’m missing here, but I have to get a better handle on this. I will, too.

Jon leaving the Double Eagle

Tarot class. There’s a lot of information about the cards, decks, suits, major arcana, relation to kabbalah. Sometimes my head spins with the amount of knowledge Rabbi Jamie can squeeze into an hour or so. Fun learning.

The seven of swords I take as a cautionary note about my dinner with Jon tonight. I hope we can gain some insight into each other, prepare a path that works for both of us. This card says, maybe. A good reminder that intention is not the same as result.




“In a reading the 7 of Swords tells of the possibility of tension, arguments, disagreements and misunderstandings within a current situation.

The Seven of Swords can carry a message that something you thought lost will be returned to you. This may include the rekindling of friendships and old ties.”  The Royal Road

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