Domestic Matters

Lughnasa and the sliver Lughnasa Moon

Saturday gratefuls: Rosh Chodesh. Tu BiShvat. Sukkot. Elul, which starts this evening. A month of reflection, of moral inventory. Cool morning. Allergies. Mortality. Ruth. Love is Enough t-shirts. Flank steak, watermelon and mint and feta cheese, corn on the cob. New laptop. New neighbors.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Living on the Mountain top

Tarot: Queen of Swords




Gazpacho. The right time of the year. Gonna make some for me, for my new neighbors, and for Nancy and Steve. Steven had shoulder surgery and this is a chance for me to cook for someone else. Gazpacho, roast chicken, baguette. Tuesday night. Thought the new neighbors would be here yesterday, Eduardo indicated they would, but no. Gives me time to get the ingredients and get cooking.

Got two salad cookbooks. Want more salads in my diet. One has a salad recipe for everyday of the year and the other focuses on turning salads into entrees. Gazpacho is a liquid salad.

Vacuumed. Kep hair mostly. This double coat of his has begun to sense the change of seasons. Lots of fine, clumpy hair. I brush him. Have him groomed. Yet. Made a watermelon, feta cheese, and mint salad. Tasty. Used Kate’s clever cloth pouch to cook sweet corn in the microwave. Flank steak from Thursday. Fed dogs, loaded, unloaded dishwasher. Set up a new coffee maker.

Marilyn Saltzman will come next Wednesday afternoon and help me sort out Kate’s clothing and jewelry for donation. The pruning has stalled for the moment. Ruth needs to move her stuff out of here and down to Aurora. Lauri and Jamie come next week for the rest of the sewing things.

Joe comes a week from today. Look forward to his help in moving furniture to new spots, getting a couple of remaining administrative chores done. Talking, hanging out.


I made the t-shirt order yesterday. Should be done in time for the 18th. Feels good. A piece of Kate’s artwork. A memory. Not cheap. Worth it.

Yesterday, nothing scheduled. Domestic. This and that. Needed a day like that.


Queen of Swords: The anima figure for intellect, for ideas, for the neshamah.

Not sure about how deep I’ve gone, but it is true that grief alters the inner world. That’s its purpose. Whether the change moves toward wisdom or foolishness depends on the moment. I feel changed. Moved around. Less reactive. More calm. More joyful. Today. Who knows what tomorrow will be?

The sadness. Yes. Still. Some days, some times. Acceptance, yes. Most days, most times. Getting things done. Helps.

This anima figure adds emotion to the work of the intellect, but also contains the emotion, channels it. She sits on a Mountain top on a wooden throne, dawn breaking behind her, her gray hair flowing gently in the Wind. A witch Tree like the one on the North Shore of Lake Superior sits out and away from her left knee.

How will the Queen of the mind will show up in my life today?





*”The Queen of Swords symbolizes recently acquired spiritual depth most likely due to sudden or prolonged painful experiences. She represents a wealth of hard-earned wisdom that comes after a heartbreak or unpleasant situations, the kind of knowing that’s heavy with sadness.” Tarot


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