Roasted Strawberry Ice Cream

Lughnasa and the crescent Chesed Moon

Saturday gratefuls: Judy. Roasted Strawberry ice cream. Cancer. Ovarian. Tough numbers. Mt. Falcon Park. Red Rocks. Subway. Jon. Ruth, especially Ruth. Kate, always Kate. Good tired from a hard workout. Keeping at my scheduling changes, appointments in the afternoon. Workout in the morning. Five days a week.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Bravery when facing mortality

Tarot:  Prince of Wands


Had a full morning yesterday with the full exercise from P.
T., writing Ancientrails, making appointments, sending e-mail. Long sleep, 9 hours! Nap.

Met with Judy at 3 pm. Mt. Falcon Park trailhead. She made roasted strawberry ice cream. We shared it on a towel on picnic table beside the main trail going up into the park. As we ate men in shorts, one shirtless, ran or mountain biked up the trail, often with camelpacks. Couples walked more slowly. A sign at the trail’s beginning reads: Rattlesnakes and Dogs Don’t Mix!

Judy has ovarian cancer and is in her third year after diagnosis. As she said, “Well, the five year numbers are…not great.” Judy’s a member of CBE and both Kate and I have known her almost since the time 5 years when we became active there. She’s in the MVP mussar group, too.

Ovarian cancer, also a reproductive cancer like prostate cancer, tends to get diagnosed late due to symptoms that are easy to explain with other causes: constipation, bloating, frequent urination, among others. Judy’s was found at stage 4. She says women have begun to report symptoms to doctors earlier and that doctors have begun to take the symptoms as potential signs of serious disease. May it continue.

A week from today will be the 20th anniversary of 9/11. That dramatic tragedy had a personal impact on my family. Joseph entered college as pre-med student, following Kate and his experiences in Guatemala with her. 2001 was his freshmen year.

As an adopted child, an involuntary immigrant from India, he surprised me by turning away from the pre-med curriculum toward joining the US Air Force. What? He told me he wanted to defend the country that given him such a great life. Specifically, he wanted to fight the terrorist threat 9/11 made so prominent in American minds.

As a child of the 60’s, an anti-war, anti-draft activist, I resisted his choice at first. “I’m going to put an Air Force decal on my car along with a peace sign.” I moved on.

He’s served 13 years, now a Major responsible for the Philippines desk for the US Air Force.

In another historic link for Joe I moved him to Breckenridge on the same day Katrina hit New Orleans. Sixteen years later to the day Ida has had a similar impact. I remember thinking how odd it was that Joe and I were at 9,000 feet, on a mountain, far inland, and New Orleans, below sea level and near both the Mississippi Delta and the Gulf of Mexico, was in such trouble from water and wind. Flooding of the Hurricane Katrina type cannot happen up here. Flash floods, yes. Storm surge? No.

Jon sent me an e-mail yesterday. I’m really sick. I’ve lost my phone and my wallet. Ruth went over after school to take care of him. The last I heard he was at the University of Colorado getting a COVID test and an IV. Nothing new yet this morning.

Hey, how bout that Texas abortion law, eh? How bout the Supremes saying, “Sure, go ahead.” Women will go to back alley abortionists in Texas, as they did all over the country before Roe v. Wade. These laws and the ideology that drives them are in conflict with the Trumpian libertarians, if they would only think it through. As I wrote the other day, a woman’s right to choose to what happens to her own body has definite libertarian implications. Keep your laws off my body. Could have been said by anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers.

Working on loft rearranging, reorganizing today. Much neglected over the past nine months. I finally feel I have the energy to tackle it this Labor Day weekend.


Prince (Knight) of Wands 

Essentially youthful vigor, enthusiasm. Willingness to tackle a new project. Go for it! Ready, shoot, aim. It’s a good card for me with the Loft project ready to go.





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