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Lughnasa and the Michaelmas Moon

Monday gratefuls: Archetypes. Jung. Tarot. Into the Mystic. Life. Death. Cancer. Divorce. The Ancient Ones. Their honesty. Crones. Kate, always Kate. Tempurpedic mattress. Sleep. Perchance to dream. The internet. A wise counselor. Sometimes. Sheets. Joe and Seoah, Murdoch. Hawai’i.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Cernunnos

Tarot: Four of Cups


House cleaning today. Marina and her crew. On Labor Day.

Gotta rotate the Tempurpedic. A king and heavy. Also put mattress cover and sheet on it. I’ve had trouble with the corners pulling out, looking for a sheet that really fits the damned thing. It’s great for sleeping, but the sheet that comes off annoys me. Working on it. Gonna buy new, high thread count sheets once I figure out what sheet will work best. Also, why do sheets come mostly in sets. I have enough pillow cases and I don’t use a top sheet. Domestic things.

The High Holidays begin at sundown tonight. Rosh Hashanah. The head of the year. I’ll not be attending the services. Not ready to be in groups for any length of time indoors though I am going tomorrow to help set up the luncheon for the service. These are long, long services.

Besides, I’m not a Jew anyhow. Though. I have realized that Jamie is my Rabbi. I’ve gone through life without teachers who saw something in me, or believed in a me different than the one I saw. Not complaining, just a fact. I’m an inner motivated guy and have not actively sought guidance from teachers. John Desteian, my Jungian analyst, helped me a lot, but even he didn’t have that good/great teacher hand in my life.

Jamie, however, is a rabbi, a teacher, a superb one, the best I’ve experienced. And, he does see me. I’ve opened myself to his guidance and have found it. A new thing for me. We’re collegial, yes, and he has a way about him that nurtures my best sense of myself. A real gift.

Got more work done yesterday. Not as much as Saturday, but a good chunk. Figured out how to pay estimated taxes through my bank account. I like having the ability to define an amount, set a date, and have the bank pay the bill. Easy peasy.

Today should see the end of reorganizing the loft. Money stuff in its place. Tarot and Kabbalah stuff in its own place. Prep for my October 17 presentation, Check Your Privilege, in a spot of its own. Current reading stack shortened and organized. Chess set up for those puzzles I enjoy.

Since it’s going to be awhile until I get the sewing room emptied out (he sighs.), I’m going to work on the kitchen. Anticipating my visit from Bear Creek Design. I need to know what I want the kitchen to do, how it could work best for how I cook. It’s still a mishmash between Kate’s vision and mine.


Four of Cups:

“Key word: Fallow Period

Meaning: Time to lie fallow, replenish my creative juices. Developing a structure out of a world born of imagination and feelings.” DTB

“When this card arises, it warns us against becoming overly introspective – navel-gazing, brooding, mithering. Something wonderful has been offered to you, but you just don’t see it, do you?!” Druid Craft blog

An excellent tap on the shoulder. Hey, Charlie! Time to find the cup that’s full, that’s near, that’s next. Keep your world alive, don’t let it stagnate, don’t become fixed in either grief or medical concerns. As your tagline says, “To live until you die is to live long enough.” I really, really believe that.






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