Are You One of the Workers?

Fall and the Michaelmas Moon

Isidor Kaufman Child with Lulav

Thursday gratefuls: Sukkot. The kids. Brahm’s Violin Concerto in G. Social Security. Almost there. Finding a snowplower. Underway. Yaktraks for traction up the stairs this winter. Problem solving. The sukkah. The ertrog. The lulav. The four species: ertrog, date palm, myrtle, and the willow. Confirmation bias. Openness to new information. Yanmar. The girl last night who asked if I was one of the construction workers.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Brahms

Tarot: The Lady, #3 in the major arcana, Druid


Full workout.

Tried to get in touch, twice, with the local Social Security office. Twice I waited, heard the line ring, stop, then go to two rings followed by: If you want to make a call, please hang up and try again. Click. Arrggh.

house April 2016

The search for a snowplower continues. A guy named Josh gave me a quick reply. He came up. Said it was a long drive from his usual spots and I’d need to sign up a couple more folks to make it worth his while. Back on to Nextdoor with that news. We’ll see. It was far from his home off Richmond Hill Road. Got a private message about somebody else just this morning. Workin’ on it.

Went to Pizza in the Hut last night at CBE. The sukkah had a busy group of elementary age kids making paper chains. Kids have such innocent energy. A young boy, maybe 8 or 9, said, “You want to help?” He had scotch tape stuck to his nose. “Do I have to stick tape on my nose?” He laughed. I cut some tape for him.

“Where is the ertrog?” I asked a young girl. She went to a box, opened it up, and in the box protected by styrofoam sat the fist sized yellow ertrog. It looks like a bumpy lemon and smells similar.

It goes together with the other three species (see gratefuls) to make the lulav. It gets shook in the six directions to make a blessing for Sukkot.

When I got my pizza, I sat on rose tinted concrete blocks. The amphitheater construction has moved the boulders, cut into the hillside, still underway. A girl, maybe 10 or 11, came up to me, “Are you one of the workers?” Oh, sweet girl. Yes, at 74 I’m running the backhoe and placing concrete. “No, I’m not. Would you like to run the backhoe?” An eager yes! “Me, too. Wish we could.” “Why can’t you?”

The Sukkot pizza crowd had a distinctive youthful flair. Kids and their forty something parents. Not many folks I knew. Tara. Rabbi Jamie. Mindy Nitkin. I hung out for a bit, said  hi, ate my pizza, then went home. About forty-five minutes. Since the pizza started at 6 pm, I could go for a brief time and return home. Which I did.

Harvest festivals fit well with this pagan’s idea of a holiday.


Tarot: The Lady, #3 in the major arcana

I’m beginning to get it. Lean into my anima. Nourish her.

Meaning: Opening to love, trust, abundance.

A new cycle of stability and abundance, or the conception of an idea or desire. The warm caring attributes of motherhood. Joe called last night. Might be the energy expressed here. I’m as much his mother as his father.

Though I’m tired today, not sure why, I continue to sense the changing nature of my life moving forward, carrying grief and enthusiasm. Something new still in gestation.


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