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Fall and the Moon of the Thinned Veil

Saturday gratefuls: Joe, a kind and sensitive man. Barret. Estelle. Dylan. Seoah. Murdoch. Kepler seeing his boy. Rigel, who insisted on 5:45 this morning. Fiddler on the Roof. Alan. Jon, Ruth, Gabe. Max. The golden Torches among the Lodgepoles. 45 degrees. Nice.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Family. Empathy. Friendship.

Tarot: Rebirth, #20 of the major arcana. Druid Craft


Driving I-70 yesterday morning. Ouch. It’s under reconstruction on the way to the airport. And, busy. Truck traffic trying to resolve pandemic supply chains. Tourists. Folks going to the airport. And, work.

Picked up Joe. A lot of folks at the airport, too. Traveling has kicked up the pace. Seemed to be a few who had never been to an airport before. Based on driving behaviors.

Joe’s good friend from his time in Breck, Barret, died a couple of weeks ago. Joe lived in Breck for three years after college. He and Barret got hired by the city to work in the Rec center. Joe did maintenance on the machines and Barret handled the water in the pool. Joe also got to know Estelle well during his time there.

He spent the last month at Hurlburt AFB in the Florida Panhandle taking a month long course in command and control. While he was there, Barret died. And, a friend from his days at Tyndale AFB, Jamie, also an officer, had a seizure, went to the hospital and got a diagnosis of glioblastoma. That’s what killed my personal trainer last June.

His stop here to see Estelle had to have two commanders approval.

Joe turns 40 this October 24th and has had an old guy’s experience with losing friends, having them get dire illnesses.

Seeing Joe in Colorado Springs

Here’s the life of an Air Force officer. Last month he was gone from his home on Oahu. He had planned to go there yesterday but made this stop to see Estelle. A few days ago he learned that the top commander of the Indo-Pacific command, a navy admiral, wanted someone to brief him on an AFB being built in the Philippines. Guess who’s building the base? Joe, as the Indo-Pacific Command’s desk officer for the Philippines.

Joe gets home tonight around 11pm Hawaii time. Sunday he flies to the Philippines where he’ll be until Thursday or Friday.

Covid has prevented him from visiting the Philippines and this time he needed a diplomatic pass to get in. After two Covid tests. Yes, he’s vaccinated and a mask wearer. Both Hawaii and SeoAh are strict on both counts.

His poor body.

I return him to the airport this morning, doing it in time to get back by noon so I can take my online course at 12:30. I have to leave the class early, 1:45, to go to Evergreen and take Jon, Ruth, and Gabe to see Fiddler on the Roof. Beau Jo’s pizza afterwards.

Kate’s expanded Iris Bed.

Tomorrow morning, zoom with the Ancient Ones at 9:00 and zoom with the Johnson clan at 10:30. I may sleep the rest of Sunday.

My HVAC and kitchen remodeling money hits my account on Monday. Social Security has still not approved my application for spousal benefits. I started the process in April by notifying them of Kate’s death; then filed the application itself in late June, due to their slowness in getting me an appointment. It is now October. Sigh.

Also playing who’s responsible for this bill with Rocky Mountain Cancer Care and Secure Advantage, my health plan. C’mon guys.

Good thing I drew Rebirth, another major arcana. It means powerful energies have conspired to get me through all this, shuttled well off into fourth phase, post-Kate’s physical presence, life.

As you can tell, I’m in my life, not a bystander. As I wish it to be.



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