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Fall and the Moon of the Thinned Veil

Tuesday gratefuls: Diane back from her Hoosier immersion. David from Coyote HVAC here yesterday. Starting. Joe in the Philippines. Snow in the forecast. Maybe. Definitely cooler weather. The Fourth Phase. The stained house, beautiful. Sadness about missing the Woolly Retreat. Covid. Post-polio syndrome. Prostate cancer.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: A quieter week

Tarot: Queen of Swords


Sunday. Going back to Sunday because I only posted the video yesterday.

Sunday was all Stricklands all the time. At 9 am I zoomed with pere Strickland, then at 12:30 had lunch with Kate, his oldest daughter, here in Conifer. In between I zoomed with the Johnsons.

The Ancient Woolly’s zoom focused on the occult, that is, what lies behind or beneath or above the reality we concoct with our sensorium. We agreed, I think, that mystery is mystery, not inaccessible, but difficult to fathom, to grasp. We had different ways of getting to it: nature, boating. I Ching, Tarot, Runes, meditation. Art. Making art. Writing.

What the mystery is like? Quantum? Multi-verse? the Otherworld? Consciousness and soul merged. No consensus.

After mystery, I went to the Johnson clan. Sarah and Annie in North Carolina. BJ in New York. We talked family stuff. How to support Jon. BJ’s second concert with the New Jersey Symphony. She’s the concert master, a violinist. Sarah’s making a cookbook. Annie’s settling into her new home in assisted living near Sarah and Jerry’s house in Belews Creek.

Johnson zoom over I changed clothes and drove over to Ebony and Vine, about 10 minutes from here. Kate Strickland and Michael Banker were there. They had finished hiking at 3 Sisters Park in Evergreen with friends and were close. We decided on Ebony and Vine after I misguessed Scooter’s hours again. They’re not intuitive.

Two bright young adults, both working on saving the human race. Literally. Climate change work. Done, and this is so NOW, from their Boulder apartment. They work for different entities, but work together in their second bedroom. Definitely requires a good marriage.

Kate said her company is now virtual first or remote only. On-boarding new hires is a major question since they now have no physical offices. Ironically, Kate had to beg two years ago when she wanted to work remotely. Both she and Michael had D.C. as their base before deciding to move, “while our knees still worked,” to Colorado.

It was fun exchanging ideas for books to read, tv shows to watch. Michael and I were into the Squid Game. Kate told me about Peter Heller, a Colorado author whose books I ordered after I got back.

Also nice to see some fellow Minnesotans in this Rocky Mountain land. We kvetched about Colorado drivers. They are awful. Don’t know how to drive in the snow, for instance. Remarked as well on the wonder of snow that comes and then goes. So different from Minnesota.

We plan to try again on Scooters.

Napped after that.

David came on Monday. He gets the work ready, makes sure the estimate’s ideas will actually work. Mostly, they will. I liked him. A millennial who self identified as an outlier because he has a regular job. He comes back tomorrow. The installation itself will take about a week. Finishing next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Still waiting on estimates from Bear Creek Design and an installation estimate from Blue Mountain Kitchens.

Took the time to get a refi going with Rocket Mortgage. May just get it done today or tomorrow. Geez. Pretty quick.

Lots of stuff happening. A good thing. Life forward.

Oh. And, I decided not to go to the Woolly Retreat. Too much Covid exposure in places where I couldn’t mitigate it. Especially since Minnesota’s Covid rates are high, as are Colorado’s. Will miss the chance to see the other Woolly’s.


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