Good Stars

Fall and the Moon of the Thinned Veil

Wednesday gratefuls: Susan, who would have watched Rigel and Kep. The Woolly’s and their retreat. Road Trip. Still not comfortable enough. Snow. Coming down hard. Rigel and Kep, my angels, my therapy dogs. Astrology and Kabbalah. Moving things for the mini-split installation. Organizing (somewhat) Ruth’s stuff from the sewing room.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Snow.

Tarot: The Lord, #4 of the major arcanaMazel tov! If you’ve never said it, you’ve heard it. For a new baby. A new job. A wedding to come. A trip. Almost any new, good thing. Elisa, my astrologist, and my teacher along with Luke Colaicello, both CBE’rs, in the Astrology and Kabbalah class, asked the students, mostly Jewish, if they knew what it meant?

General confusion. The answer’s obvious. Congratulations! Good news! Happy for you! No, Elisa asked, what does mazel mean? Blank looks. Stars, she said. Its original meaning is stars.

This began an interesting conversation on the stance of Judaism on astrology. Don’t talk to the dead. Don’t do augury, or soothsaying, or witchcraft. Don’t do what the other nations do. The early Jews believed they had The God, not just any god. And their purpose was, as the early sixties song said, “(We) will follow him, wherever he may go.”

Two things to note here. One. You don’t make prohibitions unless whatever your prohibiting is already going on. Otherwise, why prohibit it? So there were Jewish witches, soothsayers, necromancers, fortune tellers. And, definitely astrologers.

In fact the Sefer Yetzirah, the ur book of Kabbalah, explicitly suggests correlations with astrology and kabbalah. As do several passages in the Talmud, the great arguments of Rabbi’s over time, first published around 500 a.d. Prior to that the Talmud was oral.

So. It’s not really a surprise when Jews say to each other: You must have good stars! Or, The stars are good for you!

I’ve gone far down the Tarot ancientrail since the summer’s Tarot and Kabbalah class, far enough that I know it’s an ancientrail I’m going to travel for a while. What that means is not clear though it will entail learning more about the cards, the decks, the particulars of giving a reading.

In 2019 when Elisa gave me my first chart reading I dived into astrology. Got some information in, began to learn, but then Kate’s reality got more challenging. Didn’t come back to it until Tom suggested a chart reading as long as I was doing tarot.

When the class showed up, I decided to take it since I learn well in a classroom environment. This way I’ll be able to pursue Elisa’s recommendation: The best way to learn astrology is to learn your natal chart. That will be my focus throughout the class.

David from Coyote HVAC and a helper are here, placing equipment and materials for the actual installation. I took down our travel paintings, photographs, prints. Joe took down the Jeremiah Miller painting in the bedroom. I moved the menorahs, David called them candle holders. The map of the Big Island, a huge antique one, I can’t get down. Too cumbersome for sarcopeniaed me. David will help.

I’m thinking about a Hawaii theme for the bedroom, using that map, which Kate got me as a guilt offering when she went to one CME on Maui without me, as a major piece. We have other prints and paintings, some Hawaiiana. Maybe get both rooms painted after the HVAC installation.

Or. Some William Morris wallpaper. Unsure.

Yesterday I took my class, then napped for an extraordinary 2 and a half hours. Guess I needed it. Must be the Orgovyx.

Today is class work day. I skipped out on the Tree of Life Tarot spread last week to take Jon and the kids to Fiddler. Mark Horn records the classes, so I’m going back right now to finish it, see what the homework is. I also plan to work on the Astrology class. Checking my natal chart against the first week’s information.

I like having this kind of work ahead of me. Expanding my world, my inner and outer world.

Full workout at 3.

Tomorrow I see my pulmonologist’s respiratory therapist, Lisa. She’ll put me through some tests, then I’ll see Dr. Emrie next Thursday. I need to get a better handle on the prognosis, what can I expect as I get older? I do have shortness of breath after exertion up here, but my O2 sats remain well into the ok range all day. In the evening they sometimes slip down before bed. When they do, I use the oxygen concentrator as I do all night and during my naps.

My impression, from one of Kate’s pulmonologists, is that altitude doesn’t matter as long you have and are willing to use oxygen concentrators. If that’s so, I’m good. If not… Well, that gets into that prognosis question.

I drew the Lord today, extending my unusual run of major arcana and/or court cards. I believe it’s a fairly straight line message: “Offer clear and firm boundaries to those who depend on you. The Lord’s strong will, rational thinking, and adherence to principles must be tempered by the Lady’s passion and feeling.” Keywords: Masculine power. Fatherhood. Protection. Boundaries. Order.

Reminding me that my animus and my anima must work together when I look at situations like Jon’s. Ruth’s. Gabe’s. Joseph and Seoah.



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