As within, so without

Fall and the Moon of the Thinned Veil

Monday gratefuls: The Ancient Ones. Joe’s call yesterday. Rigel’s various lumps and bumps. Kep sleeping with his head next to mine last night. Safeway pickup. The pickers who shop the store. The woman who brought out my order. The salad Gabe made from vegetables Jon grew in his garden. Brie and bagel chips. Dune, the movie.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: That New York strip thawing in the frig.

Tarot:  The Star, #17 in the Major Arcana. Druid.


Mini-splits will finish up this week, I think. No phone call this morning saying David was still sick. It’ll be fun to have them working. I’ll get to play with their heat settings, see if they can help the living room area.

Gonna have to call Ken, the boiler medic, at some point though. In floor living room and baseboard sewing room not getting heat. Not a fan of boilers after having had one now for seven years. Maybe a more efficient one, but they don’t work so well up here at altitude. Or, so Ken said when he sold me this one.

Slowly. Slowly. Pruning. When the display cabinet is gone, the living room will open up. I’m still considering how to configure it. I might take both chairs up from downstairs, put them with the couch. Across from each other with the coffee table between them. Vertical to the fireplace. Take the Stickley chair downstairs. Or, I might buy a new one for down stairs and have three chairs upstairs. Aiming for a conversation area. Maybe a place to play games.

With the pruning progress made over the last week plus and the kitchen project getting legs I’m feeling good about future house. It’s stained and beautiful on the outside. It has AC so I can close the windows in the allergy season and maybe get a little heat in the winter months. The kitchen remodel is the last piece for this year.

The outer effects the inner. And, vice versa. Mussar and behavioral psychology teach us this. So do tarot and astrology and kabbalah. In malkut, this plane, Assiyah, our bodies carry our souls and we can access our souls from the inside and out. When I looked at the Star tarot card this morning, I went inside to intuition, to authenticity, to the positive feeling I have about the house.

Here’s a few words from the Druid Craft book: “Inner and outer are connectd in perfect harmony. All you need to do is be. Intuition flows like a bright stream.”

“Meaning: You may develop a calm, clear confidence in the future…You may be the recipient of much love at this time. Nakedness-simplicity, naturalness, freedom, authenticity.”

Gifts of grief. Clarifying the inner waters. Cleansing by lacrimae. Solidifying mortality as a reality. Calming fears. The worst has happened. Forcing a reckoning with a new future. Teaching me how to keep close the love and learnings from Kate.



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