Dogs. House.

Samain and the Holiseason Moon


Tuesday gratefuls: The waning Holiseason Moon, high in the Western Sky. Thanksgiving. Family. Joe. Seoah. Ruth. Gabe. Jon. The Johnson sisters: Annie, Sarah, BJ. Their gifts for Hanukkah. Kep and Rigel. Kate, her memory, alive and loving. Wildfire. No snow. Drought.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Irish Wolfhounds. (almost bought a puppy)

Tarot: The Green Woman, #3 of the Major Arcana, Queen of Vessels: the Salmon, Three of Vessels: Joy


Good workout yesterday. Made myself a homemade version of cacio e pepe. Had it at Gaetano’s while waiting to see if they could find Roger. Really liked it. There’s had two eggs over easy on it and so did mine. Tasty and filling.

Brian came by to do some final measurements. He’s building my cabinets. Jodi and Bowe, the installer, come this afternoon for measurements, too. I’m leaning toward the Taj Mahal quartzite in spite of its price. The aesthetic of this kitchen is a major reason I’m doing this remodel. The quartzite would be the signature element that brings it all together.

My vision for the house is even clearer now. Leather chair upstairs. Buy a rocking chair, a distinctive low table, an Arts and Crafts chandelier, and an Arts and Crafts floor lamp. The turning book table upstairs. Downstairs. Kate’s leather chair. A small table next to it. The rolling computer table nearby. The coffee table stays.


The Stickley table goes up to the Sewing Room (aka, our dining room). The leather hassock goes upstairs to the loft. How to decorate the Sewing Room as a dining room is still a work in progress, but I’ll get there.

I know this all probably seems weird, but it’s my way of honoring Kate’s presence here while making the house more mine.  Next year will be the outside, front and back. Retop the driveway. Make a gas firepit and lounge. Perhaps some more plantings. An ignition free zone around the house for 5 feet. And the garage clean out, redo the floor.

OK. Maybe Hermitage is a bit far out on the continuum. This will be home. Yet it will have both recharge, refresh and work place, as well as be both family home and my home alone (with dogs).

Rigel, 2011

BTW: My cousin Kathy sent me a link from an Indiana breeder of Irish Wolfhounds. They have female puppies. I could get one. Not cheap. $2500. $500 to hold. Boy, I want to. I even messaged them, asked them about payment. But, as with the Akita puppy, I’m going to pass. A main reason in the case of the IW is size. I long ago lost the ability to move a 150+ pound dog into the back of a car. I can do 100 pounds. In the case of the Akita puppy, it could outlive me. And what would happen to it? Murdoch is not other dog friendly.





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