As the year comes crashing to a close

Yule and the Winter Solstice Moon

Friday gratefuls: Christmas Eve. The vibrations of children. The James Webb launch. 5:20 am, December 25th. Oops. No present yet. You’ll just have try to go to sleep tonight. Snow. Can flying reindeer be far behind? Bowe comes at 8 this morning to connect my sink. Joe and Seoah’s gift. Murdoch. Black Mountain in a white veil of Snow. A really long nap yesterday. 2 hours. Peak television. Voir on Netflix.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Snow

Tarot: Slept through the Winter Solstice spread time. Today for sure. Yes, sir.


Not sure whether I misunderstood or what, but you have another chance. Get on the NASA site and sign up for the James Webb Launch. A better time here: 5:20 am MT. Here’s the link that will get more information: James Webb.


new sink before counter top installation

Bowe is here on Christmas Eve morning connecting my sink. He’s a sweet guy. Lives in Bailey. Calm. Life goes well for him because he believes life goes well. A Taoist at heart, I think.

The cabinets will be finished next week and he says January 3rd he’ll get started. Wish it could have been different, but we had a built-in three month delay on the Karman cabinets due to supply chain issues. I’ll still come out ahead with custom built cabinets installed a month and a half earlier at the manufactured cabinets’ price.

after counter top, before functionality

The upstairs looks disheveled. Well, it is disheveled. But when was it ever heveled? It’s gonna get there though. That’s my promise to myself. A house with beauty and function. On a Mountain top. With lots of books, computers, televisions, dogs, grandkids. A place for living until I die. Which is, as my e-mail signature says, enough.


Had good intentions yesterday. But there was A Discovery of Witches. The television series based on Diane Harkness’ All Souls Triology which I read years ago and loved. Produced by Sundance Now, Amazon Video had its first season up as a teaser for subscribing to the Sundance channel. Will get taken down next week. And, I had the time, so… With Ancientrails, working out, and peak television. Well.


Pape de Abraham A Hermit Writing in his Book

I’m so ready to get back to writing. But. I haven’t. Maybe that’s the question I’ll ask my Winter Solstice spread. What do I need to do to get back to my writing? And stay with it.

Of course, in the interim I’ve been grieving, redoing the house, learning astrology, tarot, and kabbalah. It’s not like I’ve been shut down. Keep the energy flowing, shunt some of it to the keyboard.


Final note. On Wednesday, D3, domestic duties day, I called my home insurance guy. Travelers. The tax for living in the WUI went up to $4,500 a year. Decided before I talked to him that I was ok with it. I chose to live here. There’s a price if I want to be ok with the risk.

Anyhow, I asked, how likely am I to be canceled? Tyler said, just a minute. He looked at how my house rated in the new this year insurance program. #4. Out of 12. Not sure if I agree with that, he said, but I’ll take it. If you were at 12, you would be at risk of cancellation. At 4? Nope.

Double good thing. The risk of my house burning down seems lower than many others. Which conforms to what the Fire Department said a couple of years ago while evaluating my house. And, if it does happen, I’ll be able to rebuild. Of course, there’s all that hassle, but, hey. Better than having it burn down and not be able to rebuild or pay off your mortgage.





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