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Yule and the Moon of the Winter Solstice

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Saturday gratefuls: The god in me bows to the god in you. Christmas Day. The James Webb launch! A white Christmas. Joe. Seoah. Murdoch. On zoom last night. Santa Claus. This from Tom about Norad and Santa. A working sink and dishwasher. Bowe. Jodi. Brian. Blood work next week. Zeus. Thor. Boo.  Jude. Climate change. Big Snow.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: The God and Goddess Within Each of Us

Tarot: Today. I’m creating that spread today. For sure.


NASA photo of launch

The James Webb launched this morning at 5:20 am Mountain Time. I learned this under my covers as I poked buttons on my phone after it woke me at 5 am. I missed seeing it as it happened. Saw it about 20 minutes after.

Those of us of a certain age have had the distinct and unusual pleasure of seeing our late childhood fantasies break into the real world. Captain Midnight could be riding that rocket, yeah?

Wonder. Awe. Excitement. Delighted. Enchanted. Looking back into deep time. A time machine, as somebody wrote.

Thinking about it. About the skill, precision, thought gone through to create the Webb. The folding and unfolding so it would fit in a rocket’s nose cone, yet unfurl to its full size on release into space. The science that preceded it: rocket, astronomical, computer. The engineers. All the people. All the machines. All the moving parts.

James Webb before launch

Then. Consider. Take all that, pack tightly into a metal tube, and set it on top of explosives powerful enough to push it into an orbit a million miles or so from Earth. It could have blown up right there on the launch pad. It didn’t, though.

Here’s an explainer from NASA about the orbit:

The James Webb Space Telescope will not be in orbit around the Earth, like the Hubble Space Telescope is – it will actually orbit the Sun, 1.5 million kilometers (1 million miles) away from the Earth at what is called the second Lagrange point or L2. What is special about this orbit is that it lets the telescope stay in line with the Earth as it moves around the Sun. This allows the satellite’s large sunshield to protect the telescope from the light and heat of the Sun and Earth (and Moon).”

Here’s an interesting link, Where’s the Webb?

The satellite launched 34 minutes ago and travels now at 2,476 miles per second. And, it’s still less than 4% of the way to its orbital insertion. Wow. The above page will keep you up to date.


The sink. The dishwasher. On a less lofty technological plane. Bowe made the sink work and brought the dishwasher back to life. Yeah! All appliances in my kitchen back to normal. Yet to happen is installation of the upper cabinets, drawers, then doors. Backsplash, too. I plan to make cheesy shrimp and grits today for Christmas brunch or dinner.

Bowe’s not coming back until January 3rd since Brian won’t finish the cabinets until late next week. Thought about it. I like it. It means that the new kitchen will be a thing of 2022, a sparkly addition to the new year. After I reassemble the kitchen, the living room. So. 2022 will have a transformed home. As part of my own transformation from married to widowed.


Beach, Jon Olson

Jon wrote yesterday, “I’m inky.” in reply to my text, How’s printmaking? Staying creative, making art is critical to Jon’s recovery. I hope he sustains this momentum.


On a theological note. I used to favor incarnation over transcendence until today. God within us over taking us out of our selves. I still favor that. Realized this morning though that incarnation* actually implies transcendence; that is, a something more outside of us that is then stuffed somehow into flesh and blood. Nope. We come with the sacred breath, the holy bowels, the divine heartbeat. We are conceived and born as Gods and Goddesses. No external source required.

I am the avatar of my mother and father’s divinity. As they were of theirs. The sacred in me bows to theirs. And, to yours. In other words I think we have creation round about. It is the divine within us that projects outward, let’s call it excarnation. Incandescence. We set the world afire with our holiness.

Finding, claiming, and living out of the divine aspect of ourselves is life. The purpose of life. The meaning of life. No wonder our deities have our flaws, eh?


*Incarnation literally means embodied in flesh or taking on flesh. It refers to the conception and birth of a sentient being who is the material manifestation of an entity, god, spiritual or universal force whose original nature is immaterial.




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