Yule and the New Year Moon

at full deployment on mission day 15

Where’s the Webb: (forgot yesterday) Oh, my. Speed down to .3461 mps. 539000 miles from Earth, 360000 to L2. 60% of the journey completed. Mission day 9.

A new information set now available. The sunshield structure average temp: 136 degrees F. The primary mirror structure: -177 F.


Monday gratefuls: 2022. Snow. Blessed Snow. The mini-splits, doing a great job. Ready for the last moves on the kitchen remodel. Brian. Bowe. Jodi. Eager to complete the domestic work. Living in it. Joe and Seoah. Gabe and his World’s Greatest Grandpa mug for me. Love. Justice. Compassion.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: 2022

Tarot-Spirit for January, the Ancestor, #5 of the major arcana


The Webb continues to slow as it enters the 9th day since launch. It settles at the insertion point on L2 on mission day 29. Still excited by it. Excited to follow the rest of the journey.

Its mirror, the telescope, will deploy on mission day 15. Right now the Webb continues to unfold from its cramped position necessary during launch. The day 15 deployment will be the last. It will arrive at L2 ready for its first tests as a functioning telescope.


Awaiting word on Brian’s arrival with the rest of the cabinets. He’s coming from Fairplay and 285 can get snow covered, icy, windy between here and there. I hope he travels safely and soon. Ready to move on from the kitchen remodel.


Something’s going on. Trying to suss it out. A key problem for me right now is my schedule. Damn it. I can’t find one that seems to work consistently. Suspect I’m setting myself up here. Trying to wrangle too much out of narrow time windows, especially the morning hours. Very frustrating.

This is, faithful reader, as you know, not a new issue for me. Trying to balance all of the things I’d like to get done with the things I have to get done plus sleep and relaxation often overwhelms me.

Might be that languishing from covid. But I don’t think so. My own inner world. What I call the valedictory lifestyle. Interested in all things, settled on none. Made even more problematic by a completely open schedule and permission to do whatever I want. Thought about a life coach. Maybe I’ll try that. Aaarggh.



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