A Busy Weekend

Yule and the Moon of the New Year

Where’s the Webb?: 91% of the way to L2. Big news now. Each hexagonal mirror segment deploys. And, they deploy at different rates to ensure a good fit. They will keep slowly moving, at the rate of 1 mm a day until Mission Day 28.

Monday gratefuls: The Ancient Brothers on right and wrong. On friendship. Alan. Whom I’ve told something I’ve told no one else. Gabe coming up to the loft to get coffee for his dad. The kitchen is warm. Jon said. I agree. Gabe couldn’t remember what it used to look like. Not surprised. Gray and white. Ruth loves therapy. And, psychoactive drugs. Prescribed ones. Gabe had a sleepover so they left around 11. Linda, the realtor who came by. Inflated house prices. Joe’s DNA results. He’s from India! Whaddya know.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: The Critters, my wild neighbors

Tarot: Knight of  Vessels, Eel


Linda, from down the road, stopped by. She’s a realtor! She heard from a couple of other neighbors that I might be moving. She sold a couple of houses up here already and I could see her salivating. These inflated prices have the odd effect of making owners and realtors both happy. Let’s say the other homes doubled in value like mine has. That would mean she could make 4 times the fees with just half the effort. Hell, I might be out on Sunday afternoon peddling my wares. Rumors. She seemed to take it in stride when I said I planned to stay.


Well. How ’bout that virus? It just keeps on. Mutating. Spreading. Killing. Screwing up life in general. Like you I’m tired of it. Bored. Masks. Forestalling trips because, well, omicron. But also because, well, inertia. Been inside so long, I don’t know what outside looks like. Seems safer to stay here, remodel the kitchen, redo the living room. Put in mini-splits. Read. Workout. Watch TV. Sleep.

Not long ago I drove back up the hill and remembered a coffee shop that had opened off N. Turkey Street. I had my blinkers on when sitting down in a small, stuffy room with strangers, all with their masks off, drinking coffee flashed across my mental billboard. Drove on. Probably would have been ok. But. Who wants to die stupid? Not me. Death not an option. A stupid death is at least somewhat in our control.


Over the weekend I had a class with Rabbi Jamie on Saturday morning, picked up groceries at noon. Went to Evergreen to pick up pizza around 4. Jon, Ruth, and Gabe got here while I was in Evergreen. This morning the Ancient Brothers at 9 am. Then Alan at 10:45. Saw the kids and Jon to say goodbye. They had to leave at 11 because Gabe has a sleepover. This constitutes a busy weekend for me. Tiring.


at full deployment on mission day 15

The Webb fully deployed on Mission Day 15. Yesterday, Mission Day 22 finds it a week away from its orbit Lagrange #2. Still excited. Ready to see what has not been seen. Learn what lay behind the veil of distance, of time. Maybe a Burma Shave sign sequence?


Biden and the Democrats are in full disappointment mode. Wish things were going better, but they’re not. Glad I’m on the Mountain.


Knight of Vessels: Eel

“With purity of intent, your destiny defined, you are able to bring wisdom and maturity to your tasks. Embarking on a quest of personal revelation, your vision leads you onward. Your deep feelings are expressed at every turn.” WW Book

Another card focusing on one direction, purity of intent, a defined goal. That last sentence. Your deep feelings are expressed at every turn.

Realized I’ve been living with emotional vulnerability, an open heart, for months now. And, that might explain why I’m having trouble focusing. I’m not used to heart of sleeve days and nights.

Part of the alchemical marriage, I imagine. The anima and the animus both claiming rightful spots in my Self. Over balanced right now toward the emotional, receptive. Need that over balance since logic and knowledge long ago established themselves in my psyche.

That’s the Wanderer’s ancientrail right now. Gonna be confusing since it’s very new territory for me.

Also occurred to me that it’s tough on priorities. Emotions take me one way, logic another. Both good, dependable pointers, but in conflict with one another for now.



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