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Imbolc and the 3/4 3/4 Moon

Ernest L. Blumenschein (1874-1960) Superstition

Monday grateful: Writing. Exercise. Kitchen. New furniture. The gradual coming together of my plan for the house. The gradual emergence of a new life.Rigel, that dear sweet girl. Kate, that dear sweet woman. Tom. Ode and the Taos School of Art. Snow coming. And, cold. Ruth. Jon. Gabe. Sara. BJ. Annie. The Ancient Brothers committed to Ancient Wayfinding and Wayfaring check-ins.


Sparks of Joy and Awe: One culture’s superstition is another’s awe


Proud to say that I did some cardio yesterday and will do cardio plus one set of resistance work today. Take my time, back at it.  And, I wrote 350 words on Jennie’s Dead. I think my completist inner drive is gonna make me finish Jennie’s Dead before I head off into another Lykaon novel. A good thing since new research will inform that one and I’ve only started.

Also, that book about the ur-religion, the love and proper worship of our mother and father, Gaia and Sol, has begun to push itself forward, too. I’m glad. Tired of sitting with it as a good idea.

Told my Ancient Brothers yesterday that I have a chair for reading non-fiction and a chair for reading fiction. This means I pile books on or beside the chair and read through them, sometimes switching back and forth. A lifelong habit now with a category difference and two locations.

Which brings me to study. I’m going to explore the science behind the video I posted about reincarnation, near death experiences, and the debate between that work and physicalism. A book on the non-fiction pile, too, Werewolves in the Ancient World. Breathe, about, well, breathing. Also two books bringing us up to date on recent anthropological scholarship.

At the fiction chair a couple of more books by Octavia Butler, Becky Chambers, Neal Stephenson, and Peter Heller. Another Kaguro novel. Probably a couple more lower down on the pile. At some point I’ll turn again, as I always do, to the classics. May reread the Inferno, Paradise Lost. Ovid.

As Wild Bill pointed out: Mind and Heart.

Talked to Joe and Seoah yesterday afternoon. Hawai’i time. Seoah had big news. She ran to the camera with a letter. Took a while to get it in focus: US Immigration and Naturalization Service. “Guess what! I have my interview on March 11th at 8:30 am!” Buddy Tom Crane’s 74th birthday and Seoah’s final step before pledging allegiance with other new U.S. citizens. Wow. Her July 4th birthday will become even more special. 44 this year.

Seoah showed me a miniature wooden surfboard with Field Grade Officer of the Quarter burned into it. Joe’s award for end of quarter last year. The promotion board for Lt. Col. meets next month and he’s confident he’ll get picked up.

Murdoch lazed beside the computer table while we talked.

I love those three so much. It warms my heart, always, to see them. Joe and Seoah come here on April 10th for the big month: Ruth’s 16th, Gabe’s 14th, their 6th anniversary, brother Mark’s 63rd, Dad’s birthday on the 12th, and Kate’s first yahrzeit. Gonna sneak my 75th in there somehow.

They want me to come to Hawai’i in June and stay to celebrate Seoah’s birthday. Planning on it.

This is life rolling on in endless song.





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