Imbolc and the 3/4 Moon

Friday gratefuls: Snow and Cold. A Minnesota week on Shadow Mountain. Jodi and the almost completed kitchen. Cooking. David Sanders. Vince. Tom Crane. Here a week ago. Rigel and Kate. Rigel’s ashes ready. Grieving. 10 months plus since Kate’s death. Jackie. Cheryl at Quest. Blood and its secrets. Alan and the Bread Lounge.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Ruby, reliable and safe


Exercise streak. On. A full week. Writing on either Jennie’s Dead or the Pagan Love Song. Also, yes. Ancientrails later in the day. Right now. 3:45 pm. Downstairs.

On a roll. Tired, though. I went to Evergreen Medical Center today and Cheryl stuck my vein and took five tubes of blood. Out for tests of thyroid function, psa, full metabolic panel, liver function, and oil level. This was a combo draw between Kristine Gonzalez and Kristie Kokeny (so many K’s!), primary care doc and oncologist PA respectively. Routine now. Every three months. On beyond the horizon.

After the draw, Maren, the very nice office person, tried once again to get me on to the Conifer Medical Center patient portal. She claims to have succeeded. We’ll see.

From there I scooted over Hwy 73, bypassing Brook Forest Drive, and drove into Aspen Park to see Jackie. Jackie cuts my hair. And is a friend. When she couldn’t reach me, she kept calling, concerned about my well-being. Small town living. At its best.

The nurse from McKesson Biologic pharmacy suggested smaller portion sizes to fight the nausea I experienced. I had the second half of an Italian beef sandwich. I bought it yesterday from the cart Joe and Seoah found in Evergreen.

A little down, but that’s normal for me at this time of day. In the morning, when I usually write Ancientrails, I’m awake, ready to go. Peak time. This is downward dog time. A play bow to the notion of effort. Yet here I am, plugging away.

Geez. I’m gonna go upstairs and read. About physicalism. Much easier.

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