Some Days

Imbolc and the Seoah Citizenship Moon

Saturday gratefuls: Zelensky. Russia. Putin. Democracy. Biden. Heather Cox Richardson. Political will. The world. Changing. Being the change you want to see. Kep, his gut upset. A light Snow shower. A weekend of change. Kristie. Kristine. The Ukraine. Resistance. Erleada. Orgovyx. The World.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: The Ukrainian people.

Tarot: Queen of Bows, Hare. Ace of Bows, Spark of Life. Four of Bows, Celebration.

A pathway spread: avoid. the issue. action to take.

All bows. Wands. The element of fire. The spirit. Closest to Keter on the Tree of Life. This spread suggests I stay task focused on getting the common room and my level in as good a shape as I can for right now. Then, celebrate. Makes sense to me. I’m on it.


Some days. Finished my workout, took Kep downstairs, got my keys and drove over to Sano vet. I picked up Rigel’s ashes. Heavy. She weighed as much as Kate. The two receptionists teared up. “She was such a sweet girl.” She’d been seen at Sano the whole seven years we’ve lived up here. She was known and loved.

Right now she’s behind me in a sack with her name on it, wrapped in dogpaw covered tissue paper. I haven’t opened the package. There’s a pawprint in there, too. Next week on Thursday I’ll remove her box and pawprint, put it in the niche with Kate’s ashes.

Over to a Vietnamese family run nail salon to get my toenails clipped. Just for fun I have my nails done, too. I’ve done this twice. A pleasant and necessary experience. The young woman who did my mani-pedi reminded me for some reason of Seoah. I showed her a picture of Seoah and Kate. Of Seoah: “She’s pretty.” Of Kate: “Is that your wife?” Yes. A hit of sadness and pride.

Safeway. Sushi for lunch. A few more frozen dinners. Still work to do on the kitchen, common room, my level. Not quite up to cooking for myself much yet. I will get there, though. Today is a common room, my level day. Tomorrow, too.

Found out by e-mail today that Joe and Seoah can’t be here for Kate’s yahrzeit. His commander has chosen those dates for a trip to the Philippines, Joseph’s area of responsibility. Since I want a whole family gathering for the Big Celebration, I’m choosing to move the dates to accommodate. Jon, Ruth, Gabe and I will honor Kate’s yahrzeit on its date. And attend the shabbat when kaddish will be said for her.

Sky started out blue and clear. Now we’re in Fog. The temperatures will go down and we’ll get some Snow. The next three days. It was in the 60’s here yesterday. A Mountain Spring.

Inflection points seem to be multiplying. Covid and its variants. Trump’s defeat. Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine. The solidifying of liberal democracies. The climate change report of the IPPP and the erosion of Miami’s condo shores. The James Webb seeking ancient, ancient light. Black Lives Matter. George Floyd’s death. The change of a thousand inflections.

Breakfast. Furniture and book and tchotchke moving. Going to the gallery with Jon’s print up, then dinner after with him. The Ancient Brothers tomorrow.




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