Herme is in the House

Imbolc and the Seoah Citizenship Moon

Herme, #9 in the major arcana

Tuesday gratefuls: Kristine Gonzalez. Zofran. Synthroid. Thoughtful care. Peter Praski. Herme in place. Closer to completion. The Plan. Slow, but episodic. Snow on the way. The #$%@!$& time change. That wonderful lenticular cloud Gabe and I saw on Saturday. Erleada. Orgovyx. Keeping the boat afloat. Sefer Yetzirah. Astrology. Tarot. Brain fog.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Kristine Gonzalez

Tarot: Nine of Vessels, Generosity


Peter Praski came. Put in a new plug on the wall so Herme could have power without a visible cord. Then, hung him with the special hanger, a thin piece of metal the width of Herme with a slight crease on which he hangs. He’s very light so it did not have to have much strength. The Hermitage continues, slowly, to take shape.

The common room is close to having its final form. I plan to hang some pieces of Kate’s favorite art on the wall at a right angle to Herme, above the bench where she sat each morning reading the paper, drinking coffee, working the crosswords or playing solitaire.

Jerry’s big painting, done for her town house in Arbor Glen, needs to come down lower and center over the couch. The couch itself needs reupholstering. Rigel dug into the foam long ago. Kate and I decided to wait until Rigel died to reupholster it. Never imagining that Kate would die before Rigel. Up to me now.

The chandelier and a new light fixture for my level are on order as well as the dragonfly lamp. The kitchen is almost done though the reassembling of it is not. That’s on me.

Excited about all of this. Changes. Some moving and rehanging of other artworks. The boxes of photographs in the home office will go to the Sewing Room (new formalish dining room in Kate’s old Sewing Room).

Then attention will turn to the outside where some fire mitigation needs to happen. Need to find a carpenter to swap out various roof related accessories, vents and soffits, screening around the solar panels, replacing them with mesh or openings tight enough to prevent embers from entering the house or setting fire to leaves. At that point I’m going to stop. Mostly.


Saw Kristine Gonzalez. I’m gushing a bit about her because I had a year of medical neglect from New West Physicians. She pays attention, remembers my chart, helps me understand what’s going on. Yesterday she ordered some meds to tamp down the nausea which has bugged me of late. Have not picked them up yet. Today. Hope they work. Tired of stomach cramps, not feeling like I want to eat.

The big deal though, to bury the lede, is hypothyroidism. I went from a normal tsh of 2 ml to 8 ml in the course of a year. Primary symptom? Fatigue. So. New drug, levothyroxine. It replaces the thyroid stimulating hormone (tsh) exactly. Should begin to feel the effect in two months or so. I really hope this works because I’m tired of being tired.

She also explained my SOB, no not son of a bitch, but shortness of breath in doctor speak. Normal response for life at high altitude. With a post-polio damaged diaphragm. And being 75. And with low low testosterone. And with anti-cancer meds.

She’s a good doc and she’s in Evergreen, not Littleton. Yeah!

Feeling a bit on the down low psychically. Not too surprising since one symptom of hypothyroidism is depression. Means I’ve got a mood suppressor circulating. Not worried about it. Referented and treatable.


Today my Sefer Yetzirah class and my astrology class wrap up. Not sure what I’m going to do for the next, spring, semester. Probably continue the Sefer Yetzirah, drop astrology. Pick up another class? Not sure. I’m probably going to Hawaii in June and these classes go into June. Though I did finish a class last year on Joe and Seoah’s couch. I’ll decide a bit later.




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