In the Rockies

Imbolc and the Seoah Citizenship Moon

Tuesday gratefuls: It’s baaaaack! Three days of blogs below this one if you’re a completist like me. Snow. A bit. Cold. Dry. The opposite of, say, Ft. Meyers, Fl. Kep, who gets groomed tomorrow. And, then put on a regular schedule. Seoah, whose oath ceremony is April 7th! Joe. Murdoch. This new feeling. Not wiped out by noon. Kristen. (not Kristine) Critters. Rooms coming together.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Energy


Mostly pictures today. Mountain life.

Common Room, Fireplace area
Common Room, from above
My level


Elk following the rules. (all of these posted today on Nextdoor Neighbor) Evergreen
In Genessee, abuts Evergreen. Where Alan Rubin lives.
An Abert’s Squirrel. The poster named this one Batman
Eater of the poster’s chickens. A common theme up here: Mountain Lions, Fox, Bobcats. All love boxed lunch.
Screen capture of a Mountain Lion near here
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