Spring and the Seoah Citizenship Moon

The Pleiades 1885 by Symbolist painter Elihu Vedder

Wednesday gratefuls: Flying. Connecting. Seoah. Oath Taker. Murdoch, asleep on the tile. Joe in the Philippines. Yet more Snow. Sleeping through my alarm. Again. Levothyroxine. Erleada. Orgovyx. Life. Death. The Great Wheel. The Sun. The Moon. Mother Earth. Max, the smiler.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Spring


Wait and see. Wait and see. Seoah says this often. Sounds wiser coming from her. But. My energy has been good since Sunday. Not right after I get up though not long after, maybe an hour or so. I danced in the Sewing Room dining area yesterday while gathering spices to put back in their places. Well. A jig. Kept saying, I’m so happy.

What a difference not feeling wiped out makes. My stamina remains a bit iffy, but then I’ve not been doing much. So. Don’t know why. Maybe the levothyroxine can work faster than Kristen said? Joy, joy, joy. If that’s the case, then it’s been the hypothyroidism all along, not the cancer meds. I hope that’s true. Make me feel easier about the cancer meds.

We’ll see today. I’m still having trouble believing it will sustain itself, this new feeling, being able to get things done. It sure feels good in the moment. Did I mention joy?


Realized today that Kate’s yahrzeit will fall on Beltane this year. May 1 because of the Jewish leap year. Happens that I’m preaching for Groveland over Zoom on that very day. Can’t be a coincidence. The beginning of the growing season. Kate’s first yahrzeit. (though I still plan to honor April 12 this year. Afterward I’ll follow the Jewish calendar, too.) I plan to offer a precis of the Ur religion I’ve been considering for years now.

Primary texts that day will the Iroquois prayer I’ve shared here before and a passage from Braiding Sweetgrass about how to honor life in language. If any of you want to listen in, let me know and I’ll send you the link when I get it. I’m excited. Here’s the blurb I sent to Groveland for their newsletter:

“The Sun and the Moon and the Earth. A triple divinity protecting us, feeding us, soothing us, healing us, creating us.  The phases of the moon. The coming and going of the seasons. Birth. Life. Death.

What might a faith in the true divinities, visible ones, with known and necessary powers look like? How might we create a prayer book with rituals for the phases of the Moon, for the seasons of Mother Earth, for the glorious life-bringer, Sol. Do we continue blaspheming and facing the consequence of being baked, scrubbed, drowned off the planet. Our gift of life extinguished? Or do we bring honor and worship, of the most practical kinds, to the one who gives energy to the plants, to the one whose soils and nutrients give them a place to grow, and her lands places for us to have our nests? To the one who gives soft light in the darkness and pulls strong enough to move oceans, nurturing life in tide pools and along the shore lines?

An Ur religion, one that honors that which is visible and without which we cannot live. Not only Sol, Earth, and the Moon, but all living things. We’ll learn first from an Iroquois Medicine Man I met in 1974 in Detroit. Then from the Great Wheel as it turns to Beltane, May 1, a fire festival, the beginning of the growing season. Not a slap at any religion, I’m proposing something that could unite all of humanity, all of animal kind, and all of plant kind. After you learn to honor the lifegivers, worship whomever and however you wish.

Thomas Berry, in his little book, The Great Work, suggests the great work of our time is creating a sustainable presence for humanity on Mother Earth. I believe he’s right and this will be my contribution. It might be yours, too.”


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