Victory over the Bureaucracy!

Spring and the Rosh Chodesh of Nissan (the Yahrzeit Moon)

Lima, Peru 2011 her retirement cruise

Thursday gratefuls: Kate. Her death. Grieving. Kep. Rigel. Gertie. Vega. Our house. Her find. The loft, among her many gifts to me. The bright Blue Sky. Melting Snow. Cool night. The Ukraine. Jon’s sale of 3 prints! Ruth’s 16th coming up. Gabe’s 14th. Joe and Seoah’s 6th. Kate’s 1st. April. Nissan.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: The slivered moon


Always forget to take off the taped down gauze after a blood draw. Then I push up the sleeve of my sweatshirt. What’s that? Oh. Rip. Ouch. A nice reminder of the day’s vampiric moment. Only true method of fortune telling that I know.

Nice to have a Quest lab in Evergreen. And, in my doctor’s office. Where Maren, who helped me gain access to the patient portal after several failed attempts, thanked me for pushing her. “I wrote up a sheet to hand out. Lots of people were having the same problem. I hope we’ll solve lots of problems together.” Me, too. I love the homey feel of this office. Like a small town doc.

Won! Got another damned bill from New West Physicians. Called my insurance carrier. Got a woman from Minnesota. No surprise there. United Health Care, the old Group Health, now ruler of so much of American medicine.

We chatted while she poked away on her computer. Her dad owns a place on the sandy side of Lake Mille Lacs. We laughed about ice fishing and the folks who say, “My truck doesn’t weight that much, it’ll be safe.”

After about 45 minutes of back and forth. “I told them. You owe this bill. And, they’re going to have to resubmit everything they billed for you over the last six months of 2021. A lot of work.” She seemed as happy as I was.

May be turning a corner here on all the medical stuff. New doctor whom I adore. New practice which knows me and likes me. More energy. A managed cancer. A better version of my old health plan. Easier referrals, for instance, and a lower out of pocket threshold. Labwork closer to home. Oh, and a functioning thyroid. That last ones a game changer all on its own.


Wanted to expand a bit. Not much. On Will Smith. Or, the Slapper. He trained as a boxer and played Muhammed Ali in the movie. He knows how to throw a punch. A heavyweight punch. A slap was a serious indication of discourtesy, not an assault. Also, cue the patriarchy in me here, defending his wife. No, she doesn’t need it, I’m sure. Still. The feeling is primal. I felt it when Kate suffered mistreatment while at  Metropolitan Pediatrics. And I did battle in my way. Unsuccessfully, but I would never apologize for it. Nuff said.


Jon sold three prints of work gloves to a Denver art collector! This is from the current show at DAVA, a community arts center in Aurora. A big, big deal. Selling to a collector means his work has punch. His buddy Max also sold some prints in Minnesota but I don’t know much about that. Maybe, just maybe…

Ruth turns 16 on April 4th. 16! I remember taking her to the National Western Stock Show when she was three. We were on the shuttle bus from my hotel about half way there. She turned to me with a plaintive look in her eyes tears forming. “I want my mommy.” Thank god for cell phones.

She’s a beauty. And, smart. And, funny. So glad I took the cue from that 2014 visit four years later when she ran away from me when I turned up by surprise. I knew then we needed to be here, in their lives. Such an important choice for us and them.


Go time with David Sanders today. Reviewing our work over the last six weeks. Seeing what it might suggest about this 75 year old guy’s life ahead. Mussar.


And, Rosh Chodesh. It means the head, rosh, of the new month, chodesh. The same word shows up in Rosh Hoshanah, the head of the year. The whole new year business has complications I’ll not touch on here. But. This “minor” holiday seems to be making a comeback as some Jews reclaim the agricultural and astronomical roots of Jewish holidays. Rosh chodesh falls on the eve of the new moon since the Jewish day, like the Celtic day, begins at sundown. More here, but that’s for later.







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