Heavy Roadside Activity

Spring and Kate’s Yahrzeit Moon

A pensive moment at the firepit. 2013

Saturday gratefuls: Alan. Diane. Joe. Seoah. Murdoch. Cord. Ruth. Jon. Gabe. Supermax. Kate, always Kate. Snow still visible on the ski runs of Black Mountain. Warming weather. David Sanders. The heart and its seasons. The mind and its consolations. Poetry. Tom. Bill. Paul. Ode.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Rigel


Sushi Den. Two stories of sushi madness on Pearl Street, a place I’d not yet been. Pearl Street is like Grand Avenue in St. Paul. Jon noticed that. It has three or four blocks of restaurants, boutiques, fancy stores. Jon said it’s where the rich people live. But, I don’t think so.

The rich people live in Cherry Hill and Hill Top. The folks around Pearl Street are upper middle class, maybe a bit less wealthwise. Like Grand Avenue compared to Summit Avenue, River Road, or Kenwood in Minneapolis.

Sushi Den chefs at work

Sushi Den though is every bit the upscale restaurant. It must mint money. Two floors filled with tables. On the ground floor the sushi chefs worked feverishly, slicing, wrapping, putting on various seasonings. An elevator took waiters and waitresses up and down. A very post Covid scene. Though we’re not in post Covid, I know.

It has the reputation of best sushi in the Denver metro. That’s why I took Ruth and her entourage there for her sixteenth birthday. Would have gone to Domo, that’s her favorite, a country style Japanese restaurant; but it’s closed right now awaiting a safe time to reopen.

Cord, Ruth’s first boyfriend. Maybe. When you cross the line from dating to boyfriend is always fraught. Though. The way she leaned her head on his shoulder? I’d say boyfriend. I liked him. He’s a lacrosse goalie. The eyes of the team.

A good save percentage for a lacrosse goalie is between 50 and 60%. He got 70% in his last game, stopping the last shot on goal 30 seconds before the game ended in a 9-8 win for the Denver Northfield team. Guess he’s good.

He’s a sweet guy, as Ruth said. They seem comfortable together. Another side of Ruth, the maturing young lady. Feel very good about her taking her mental health in hand on her own.

We had plate after plate of sashimi and nigiri, miso soup drunk from the bowl in the traditional way, and fancy desserts. Most expensive meal I’ve ever paid for. And totally worth it. Ruth had a great time. The point.


Breakfast this morning with Alan at the Bread Lounge. Need Sourdough. Have made a switch in diet. Heading toward the Mediterranean, maybe Aegean diet. Diane convinced me with the anti-constipation result. Not fully there yet although closer than I imagined. BTW: Sourdough bread, not a big part of the diet. But, I love it.

Finish this later. Headed to Evergreen.


Ah. Eating a piece of sourdough toast. One of the true delights in my life. A simple pleasure.

Alan thinks I might enjoy acting classes. Might try it. A different part of the brain, new people, out of the house.

Stopped at Nellybelle’s General Store just below the Bread Lounge. Shopping for a center piece for my mantle. Got something I think will work. We’ll see soon. Cheap. $45.

The drive to Evergreen and back is always good. I see the rock outcroppings, trees growing in odd spots on them. I see the creeks now flush with snow melt. I saw this time a harem of Elk Cows and sturdy 8 point Elk Bull dining with them along the side of the road.


Kate and I moved up here in December. We saw signs going into Evergreen that read Heavy Roadside Activity. Couldn’t imagine what they meant. They meant like today. The parking lot for Lower Maxwell Falls was full. The auxiliary parking lot was full. The sides of Brookforest Drive were full.

Young couples in fancy mountain gear. Often with dogs. Moms and dads with kids in bjorns. People smiling. Getting out of the city and up into the Mountains. To walk on a crowded path with other folks getting out of the city and into the Mountains.

Upper Maxwell Falls parking lot was also full as well as the parking spot further up where rock climbers to scale raw Rock above Maxwell Creek. Signs of Spring in the Mountains. Like those bicyclers, too. I have mixed emotions about them.


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