Winding Down

Spring and Kate’s Yahrzeit Moon

Kate and Ruth at Buffalo Bill’s Grave. 2015

Friday gratefuls: Gabe at 14. Ruth after 16. With beau. Jon, sick. Better, some, now. The first full family meal around the Sewing Room table. Beau Jo’s veggie combo and sausage combo. Kep, chasing rabbits. Allergies. Better sleep last night. Diane’s wrapping. Seoah and Joe’s treats. The paintings moved. Joe and Seoah going back today.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Gabe, a sweet kid


Again. Achoo! Yecch. Doctor today. Get some more high-powered help, I hope. Feel like the air purifier and the closed windows last night helped quite a bit. I slept better.

This week has proved tiring. Surprisingly so. Think it’s a combination: driving a lot, allergies, and introversion. Having Joe, Seoah, and Diane here. Wonderful. Love. Work. Some play. Still, I need a slowdown sorta week. Wayyy down. Gonna rest tomorrow.

Feeling a bit strung out this morning as I write this. Not a feeling I enjoy. Life rhythm’s too upset. A learning. I was too ambitious for this week. I wanted a celebration. Instead I got something better. A family reunion.


Dishwasher leaked again. Jodi will send somebody over to look at it this afternoon. Joe doesn’t think it’s a major deal. I couldn’t find my tools yesterday. Somewhere I have a Craftsman set, a good one. Not much use if it can’t be found.

Joe and Diane and Seoah got so much work done around the house. The Sewing Room is now my dining room. With wonderful light, views, and Kate’s sewing room decor announcing her spirit each time we use it for a meal. The two Jerry Miller paintings. The big one is down, requires some anchors to rehang. The smaller, wintry one is back up in its spot in the bedroom.


Mostly the flesh and blood. Hadn’t seen Diane in I don’t know how many years. A long time. She’s done such a great job of preserving her physical self. Mediterranean diet, jogging, yoga. Hat’s off to her. Shouldn’t wait this long again. I need to get out to San Francisco.

Seeing Joe and Seoah. Some relationships are at the core. Joe and Seoah are at mine. This man, whom I cherished as a baby, cheered as a teen, rooted for in college, and have watched with satisfaction grow into a warrior, husband, leader. Son. He never forgets. Seoah, too. As much a force of nature as always. Energized. She’s been with me through very tough times. A bond long ago cemented.

Though I may be tired right now my soul will have nourishment from this week for the rest of the year. Worth it.

One more long drive. Out to DIA and back this morning as Joe and Seoah head back to Oahu, back to paradise. And Murdoch. Joe has a big career decision to make in the next three days. I can’t tell which way he’s leaning. And I don’t think he can either. A happy problem because both choices are strong options.

I’ll be sad to see them go, happy to have had them here. Diane leaves tomorrow.


There is a pall over the world. Putin in Ukraine. Marie Le Pen inching closer to the French presidency. Climate change accelerating as the world’s Neroes fiddle. Covid not going away, yet Pandemic exhaustion making it difficult to enforce new rules. I’m committed to understanding this moment as well as I can, in particular the ideological base for the Far Right; its contemporary and future impact.

Underneath all the surface woes I sense a time of great change, a paradigm shift. Not one that follows these trends, but one that may underlay them all. One that could look very different than we might think in this moment.

Transformation. Metamorphosis. What butterfly has begun to flap its new moist wings?




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