A Cold. Introversion.

Spring and Kate’s Yahrzeit Moon

A pensive moment at Jackie’s. 2019

Sunday gratefuls: Kep, snuggling. Playing with Zeus, Thor, and Boo. All black and white. Diane home safe. After a moment with Denver Rapid Transit. Not so rapid in this case. Cool weather again. Still no snow. No luck on someone to fix the generator yet. Ukraine. Colds. Illness. Canceling plans. Sleep. A healer. Sex. Death. Rock and Roll.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Murdoch, home from the boarding place


Alone again. I loved having Joe and Seoah and Diane here; I need the alone time. If I had begun to doubt my introversion, I’m over that. Definitely a loner. Ruth has a good analogy. She refers to her social battery. When she’s out with people a lot, her social battery depletes. She has to be by herself to refuel it. Extroverts are the opposite. Being alone can discharge their battery. Seeing people refuels them.

It’s not a matter of preference, it’s a matter of wiring, just like sexuality and eye color. Don’t know the source of it, but I’m different from my friend Alan Rubin. For instance. He’s an EXTROVERT.* A possible explanation is below.

I’m happy by myself. Alone, but not lonely. Life on Shadow Mountain. The Hermitage. Herme.


All of the guests got back home safely. Diane experienced several glitches on the way to DIA however. No train service at the Federal Center stop where I dropped her off for one. Late buses. Boarding pass glitch. Geez. Travel. Can get complicated. Good to leave early.

Pretty sure now that my “allergies” have yet to emerge for this season. A cold. Still draggin’. Slept well last night. Two naps yesterday. Canceled my time with Marilyn and Irv, brunch and the Chamber music players. Gonna nap more again today. Headache. Stuffy nose. Basic blahs.

The stress of illness runs the social battery down. Introverts quicker, I imagine.


This was the last of the special events I planned following Kate’s death. I’m now in the second year after her death. Was unsure how her first yahrzeit would affect me, so I wanted closeup emotional support. It surprised me by marking a lighter turn. Felt better the next day. Still good to have loved ones close by anyhow.


Gabe’s fourteenth birthday. First family event in the newly arranged Sewing Room (aka, dining room). Worked well. More space. Easier to use. Were gonna do it at Brook’s Tavern, but I wasn’t feeling up to it. Now I know why. Cold had me.

It was fun to have Joe and Seaoh and Diane here for Gabe’s birthday. Turned the family meter up a notch. Gabe and Ruth both consider Joe and Seoah Uncle and Aunt. Not quite the traditional American kinship structure, but not quite the traditional American family either. Works for them.

Gabe got a set of watercolors from Ruth, a more difficult lego-like building set of a London scene from Jon along with a book on how to build Bridges and Tunnels. I gave him the usual gift of $10 for each year by check tucked in an Ode thank-you card with an oak leaf on it. Gabe, “I’m going to frame this card.” I also got him a Taschen coffee table book: The Star Wars Archive. He’s a big Stars Wars geek.

We had pizza, conversation. Laughter. Family.




“The results confirm the theory – extroverts process surprising rewards differently.”  BBC Article from 2013.

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