That old rascal wanderlust

Spring and Kate’s Yahrzeit Moon

Kate with her good friend, Joan Countryman. High School Reunion, 2012

Friday gratefuls: Back to exercising. Slow, but will improve. Cold a memory. Mussar. Seeing folks. Just enough. An introvert’s solitary, but not isolated life. Herme. Its symbol. Two dead mice. Oh. More Rat Zappers otw. Blue Sky. Warmer weather. High school reunion. See you in September. The chandelier. Peter Praski. Nuts and dried Fruits. Changing diet.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Acting


Achooing past. Fatigue retreating. Feeling better. Yeah. May wear masks more often just to prevent this from happening again. Think the flu. Or, not. This. That. Flip. Flop. Covid influenced thinking no doubt.


Did a slow 20 minutes on the treadmill yesterday. Build up. Take it easy. I felt so much better when I was hitting 4-5 hours of exercise, mostly cardio. And, my O2 numbers showed it. Heart rate, too. The knock on effect of exercise keeps me coming back to it. Always. Easing back on the resistance in terms of sets. One set now. Moving up on weights. Sufficient according to the Mayo Clinic.


Blue highways. Gonna take Hwy. 36 from Colorado to Indiana in September for my high school reunion. Tired of interstates. Want to see some of ‘Murica. Small towns, speed traps. Cheap motels and drive-ins.

Hawai’i in late June for a couple of weeks. See Joe. Seoah. Murdoch. Oahu. Maybe Maui. Mama’s Fish House for Seoah’s 44th. Also got good info from Ming Jen Chen about Taipei and the National Palace Museum. She recommended a hotel right across from it, a great dumpling place, and night markets. That ole travelin’ gene has begun to express itself again. While I can.

If Joe goes to Germany, it will stimulate my European interests. Which are many, but got pushed aside by the Asian pivot the family took. Eurrail makes Europe so easy. Art. Food. History. White history anyhow. Including history of the Zikes on the Keaton side of my family and the Spitlers on the Ellis side. Both German families that came early to the U.S.

And now, as Ming Jen pointed out (she’s in Spain right now.), Google translate makes travel easier. Even, she said, in Taiwan.


As my energy gradually returns, I’ll work on finishing the Sewing Room transformation. Even after I prune all I can, there are still some design elements needed, but I don’t have ideas for them yet. They will come.

Gonna see Jon tomorrow for lunch. Alan for breakfast sometime soon. Schedule thrown off due to family visit and cold. The way of the solitary but not isolated.


Recommend Heather Cox Richardson on the far right’s two prongs of attack in the U.S. right now. Here’s the link. She’s not exploring the deeper roots of the Viktor Orban style fascism being promoted by Rick DeSantis, the Overlord of Florida and Disneyland. I will at some point here. The more familiar states-rights model pushed by Overlord Abbot of Texas we know how to handle.

Her analysis of the push and pull of movements for equality, equal rights especially, and the subsequent reaction of wealthy elites in American history is worth the read.






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