Even Death

Beltane and the Beltane Moon


Monday gratefuls: Back healing. Kep, so patient in the mornings. Vince. My go to guy for fussy stuff. Tom. Bill. Paul. Wind. 40 mph. Makes fire danger high. Acting class tonight. Lodgepoles swaying. Getting ready for their annual sex riot. Reading The Inner Work of Aging. My home. A safe, calm place. Reframing age. Joe and Seoah.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Congregation Beth Evergreen

Tarot: Seven of Arrows-Insecurity

“The overall meaning of the Seven of Wands is to hold your ground, no matter what is challenging your position…There are setbacks during this time, but you need to keep fighting for your beliefs and confront those that may threaten or oppose you…” Labyrinthos


The tarot suits pip cards go from Ace to ten. Each suit expresses a different journey on the part of the querent. The wands journey is from an idea to its realization. Creativity, inspiration, projects. Its element is Fire.

The Wildwood card focuses on the insecurity that might well arise as a project nears completion. Will I succeed? Will it be what I imagined? That’s real. But not what I’m feeling right now so I had to dig a little deeper.

The project is my life. And with 30, 40 mph gusts pushing the Lodgepoles around, making them dance (oh, it just occurred to me that the Lodgepoles release their pollen when the Winds are high! Smart Trees.), I can see how insecurity enters the scene.

Wildfires are a real danger and could sweep away everything I’ve done over the last year. Yes, I have a bit of insecurity about that. Would be silly if I didn’t, but I have insurance, an evacuation plan, and a go bag. Plus little attachment to my stuff. So…

Had to go searching in the suit of wands, its journey, to find the meaning for me right now.  Here’s a bit from Tarot.com,

“The Seven of this suit shows a person who is nearly always successful in working his or her will in the world…

In historical Tarot, this person would most likely be portrayed as an admired and feared warrior who has vanquished his adversaries against all odds.”  tarot.com

This is a very different reading from the Wildwood deck’s insecurity. And yet.

Wildfire is a metaphor, too. At any moment a fire can break out and take all that I love. That fire could be a wreck, disease, trauma, or conflict among people I love.

The Wildwood card makes me look at the moment, this moment, and recognize how precious and beautiful it is. It could be all be gone in a crown fire starting in any aspect of my life. Death is the ultimate wildfire, stealing life in its thoughtless rampage.

Yet. I can take the message of impermanence I see in the Wildwood card and read it as a caution both necessary and insignificant. Necessary because true. Insignificant because age has taught me to embrace impermanence, not struggle against it.

Any fire that comes will make me advance, not retreat. Even death.




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