The Stones

Beltane and the Beltane Moon


Wednesday gratefuls: Robbie and Deb. Salmon. Seeing new parts of Evergreen. Mars and Gevurah. Humidity 15%. Low Winds. Black Mountain still with some Snow on the ski runs. Spring down the hill. Buds still closed on the Aspens on Shadow Mountain. At least up here. Pneumonia vaccine. Second shingles vaccine. 40 minutes on the treadmill before class yesterday. A week or so to heal the contusions from my fall last Monday.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Hawai’i

Tarot: Page of Stones, Lynx


Felt sluggish yesterday. Think the two vaccines I got on Monday stimulated my defenses. A good sign. Took me a while to tumble to that.

Needed my nap, but had two classes. Astrology, then Kabbalah. I’m running out the clock on these two. Though. The Astrology piece seems like it’s beginning to make some sense. This is very much an up and down time for me with these two topics of study. Kabbalah seems removed pretty far from me. Especially Sefer Yetzirah. The class interests me because its complex and abstruse. Not really enough for me right now.


Had a salmon dinner at Robbie’s house yesterday. She wanted to know about my spiritual journey and to talk about compassion which she’s featuring in some consulting work she’s doing. Nice to get out and be in someone else’s home, a cooked meal by someone else’s hand. Robbie is a CBE’r and a mussar person.

Maybe was her cat. Because maybe they would keep her. Gracie, her thirteen year old dog. A shepherd sized mix.


Drawing two from the suit of Stones seems right to me. Stones is the Wildwood equivalent of pentacles or coins. The earthy suit, focused on life here and now. Life has shifted to this-worldly pursuits for now. Back to exercise. The body emphasis of both the Knight and Page of Stones. A Mediterranean diet which I’m pleased to say has begun to happen for me. A focus on completing the remaining work around the house.

Even acting class is in the here and now. Emotions and learning expressed through the body and voice. Not abstract conversation.

Melancholy seems to have lifted. Short duration. Related to pain mostly.


Looking forward to some time in Hawai’i. Just when will depend on house sitters. Original dates already knocked out. We’ll see. Not in a hurry to decide. Being with Joe and Seoah the main attraction though Hawai’i, even Oahu, is a big draw as well. Haven’t been anywhere since my trip out there last June after Kate died. Also looking at some short road trips.






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