Hi, I’m Charlie.

Beltane and the Beltane Moon


Saturday gratefuls: Rebecca. Kep. Marilyn. Alan. Tal. Acting. Tarot. Astrology. A chilly morning. Theater. A day for domestic chores. A new, working schedule. Life review. Connie Zweig. The Inner Journey of Aging. Solar power. Mini-splits. Mediterranean diet. Cooking.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Karsts

Tarot: Four of Stones, protection


Plan to spend most of today cleaning off my art cart, filing financial papers and other things I keep for some reason or another. I have many files and little memory of what I put in so many of them. Get back to Sumi-e.

I do have a system, sort of. Here are the ones about the Great Wheel. Here mussar and kabbalah. Here are insurance documents, dog vet reports. Over here are all my novels. These files are short stories. Files on Joseph, including his naturalization process. Files about Dad, Alexandria, family genealogy. Rocky Mountains. Places to go in Colorado. Files from trips taken long ago. Latin. Files on art objects in the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Lots of files.

And so. Much. More. I’m an information hoarder. I have books. Files. Computer files. Picture files on the computer. I have books of journals began in the year 1975. I have flash drives of files from old computers. I even have this slick new browser extension, OneTab, which lets me save websites that seem interesting but I don’t have time to read right now. 1,352 sites saved so far.

My name is Charlie and I’m an information hoarder.

Hi, Charlie!


Scheduled a trip to Hawai’i. A little complicated. Have to find a housesitter to care for Kep. Their schedules are critical. Then, when is it good for Joe and Seoah. When is good for me? And, when can I get decent priced airfare? Lot of moving parts. Had to shift to a later two weeks due to doggy care scheduling. Which means I have to change my appointment with Kristie. Oncology PA. Nothing’s perfect, right?

This will be the last Hawai’i trip with Joe and Seoah. They’re headed to Ramstein AFB in Germany. December. Joe will be second in command for a NATO AWACS squadron. Which means, gee. I’ll have to go to Germany to see him. Aw, shoot.

May plan a somewhat long European trip in 2023. Eurrail and Joe’s place as a base. Eurrail is so good. So very good. And, Europe’s so convenient. Not like flying across the Pacific to get to one country. Fly across the pond. End up in Germany. Train to Amsterdam. Train to Paris. Train to Madrid. Train to Seville. Or Rome or Florence or Venice. Or Zurich. A one month global rail pass, go on as many trains as you want, to as many cities as you want. Premium: $884.

Remember what I said about travel? Yeah, me, too. Well. Europe is different. Easier. So. Maybe? Anybody want to go to Europe?


Another red flag day here on Shadow Mountain. Yesterday, too. High winds, low humidity, drought conditions. Need rain or snow. Please. Red flag = high fire danger. Even small fires can get out of control fast.




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