Land of the free and home of the killed.

Beltane and the Beltane sliver Moon

Kura: The Prophetic Messenger

Sunday gratefuls: Jon. Same Cloth, jazz band from Denver. Dazzle. Hot down the hill. Cool up here on Shadow Mountain. Kep at the door when I got home from Dazzle. Joe and TJ in Singapore. International travel. Hawai’i. In July. Learning lines with Alan today. Music. Not enough in my life. The weekend. Crawfish boils. Nono’s. Every Saturday through August.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Richard Bresnahan’s Kura: The Prophetic Messenger

Tarot: Page of Stones, the Lynx


“Lynx is a beginner when it comes to material things and heralds a time when you will benefit from focusing on your own body and personal environment. Lynx (honors) the practical learner rather than a book researcher – an apprentice rather than a student.”


I’m an apprentice. Acting. Going over to Alan’s today to run lines for Oscar and Felix. Some acting jargon I’ve picked up: on voice = full voice, projecting. off book = you know your lines. A beat = when a character’s objective has been met or when the character fails to meet their objective. This one’s fuzzy.

Getting back into the rhythm of putting a scene, a character together. Still don’t know whether this will go anywhere as far as getting into a production. I do know it’s getting me into my feelings, using my brain in a different way. Meeting new people. Got me back to reading plays. Teaching me how to build a character based on the text.

Acting and trail hiking twice a week. Changes to my weekly routines. Welcome ones.


Into Denver last night. Dazzle jazz. Kate and I went to Dazzle a lot. Took Tom and Roxann once if I recall correctly. Now I take Jon. Same Cloth, acid jazz. A pianist and a singer, a bass guitar and a lead guitar. Drums. The bass player struck rock god poses while playing innovative solo riffs. The lead guitar could rock. The vocalist, well. Lots of power and range. The pianist had it going on, too. Great set.

A lot of energy. Good music. A good time with Jon, talking about the recent past. Ruth. Gabe. We discussed some difficult matters, hugged after the evening was over. Both concerned about Ruth.


Still waiting on word from my docs about my tsh level, back up, and my triglycerides. Just over the edge into abnormal. It’s tough maintaining a good relationship with docs when I have so many moving parts to my medical care. I don’t want to bug them, but I do want timely action when things change. Of course, my idea of timely and theirs could be different. Trust your doctors. Yes, sweetie. I will.


The US has had 214 mass shootings so far in 2022. Here’s the full list.

Not 214 murders. 214 mass shootings. So far this year. And this article goes on to say that the rate (the rate of mass shootings for god’s sake) in 2022 is actually lower than 2021. My god. Look at the article. It takes 22 pages to list all the shootings through May of this year. 22 pages!

This is crazy making stuff. Not only in the most awful suffering of lives ended, families and communities shattered, but in the mirror-world attitudes of Republicans. No sane, decent person can look at these numbers and argue against measures that will control them.

4th graders for Christ’s sake. Sandy Hook. Killing elementary age children to make a point. About what?

Of course no other nation has solved this problem either. Oh, wait. What? All of them have? Except us? Land of the free and home of the killed.


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