Water, Water, Water

Beltane and the Living in the Mountains Moon


Wednesday gratefuls: Suppositories. Proctitis. Prostate Cancer. Kristine. Kristie. Negative thoughts. Ken. The water heater, in trouble. Beeping ended! Gabe. Ruth, bless her. Jon. Kep, such a good boy. Always between me and a possible threat. World Ocean Day. Water. Mountains. Volcanoes. The Sky. Blue here this morning. My damaged Aspen. Money. Enough. Not more than enough. Fine.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: The World Ocean. And, Tom, who loves the water

Tarot: Three of Bows, fulfillment

“To build a fortress of inner strength and tranquility, we need to reevaluate continuously, be prudent, and committed, not only with our goals but also by allowing the power to flow in us. From there, peace and concentration will be produced clearly and conspicuously. It will create feelings of trust, confidence, and well-being directed to the people we encounter. This flow of positive energy will inspire those who want to start their own path, to discover and reach inner peace.” tarotx.net


This video* is for my buddy, Tom, who sailed the oceans blue and mapped them with care. For all of us. And for Kate, who loved to cruise the ocean.

Peru, 2011


Yesterday was the last class for Astrology and Kabbalah. I read the post below as my presentation. Soon I’ll get a reading from John Joseph who taught my astrologer, Elisa. Once I’ve studied something I rarely leave it behind completely. Somehow the law of return stipulates that it show up again and again. Philosophy. Anthropology. Theology. Biblical studies. Saul Alinsky. Poetry. Many other things. Just stepping to the side right now. A sort of astrological akido move. Same with Kabbalah.


Had Ken out to look at my hot water heater. It’s leaking. Ken’s an interesting guy. Former Marine. Diné. Only boiler guy up here. Dirt biker, along with his daughter who was a champion. In the past now. A yearner for time alone, away from it all. He’s bright. Listens to his news though. Has some odd ideas. Not dogmatic. But odd. Pfizer’s new Covid pill will put a computer in us so the government can track us. Things like that.

Could be an expensive fix. He installed it, so he’ll help me as much as possible. It’s the hard water up here. Solid as I am on maintenance otherwise I’ve let water treatment fall behind. May have to have another go at it. Problem for me was the company I started with, Geowater, lied to me and tried to up bill me. Made the whole process feel toxic. Not a good excuse, but the only one available.


Didn’t exercise yesterday. That always dampens my spirits a bit. Also, the proctitis blood loss may have weakened me some. Combine that with the dullness I felt Monday evening? Yesterday was not my best day.

Not letting myself get stuck though. All trivial. Life proceeds. I have my gratefuls. The world ocean. Friends and family. Life. I’m alert and aware.


I like the three of bows. Could be that my fulfillment comes from being a Mother Bear?




*”NASA Goddard Space Flight Center originally released this video in 2012. Called Perpetual Ocean, it shows ocean surface currents around the world during the period from June 2005 through December 2007. The visualization doesn’t include a narration or annotations. It just lets you enjoy the sensational movement of the oceans on this watery planet of ours. NASA said in 2012:

… the goal was to use ocean flow data to create a simple, visceral experience.”  earth sky.

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