Beltane and the Living in the Mountains Moon

Peru, 2011

Sunday gratefuls: Kate headed toward the World Ocean, via Bear Creek, the South Platte, the Missouri, and the Mississippi, the Gulf of Mexico. Dr. Strange. One hot dog. Back to salads and apples and peanut butter. The Heat, 98 in Littleton. Air conditioning. 81 on Shadow Mountain. Hot for up here. The Ancient Brothers. Hamish. The View from a Bridge. Learning lines.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Kate.

Tarot: Ten of Vessels, Happiness


The kitchen got remodeled. Mostly. The common room got new furniture, new lighting, a new arrangement. Furniture got moved around with the Stickley bookcase going downstairs and my red leather chair coming up. The TV and chest of drawers from our bedroom went up to the guest room. The pantry got filled. The sewing room dining room came together thanks to Joe, Seoah, and Diane.

Earlier the house got stained and the mini-splits installed. Bear comes back on Tuesday to do the maintenance on the Kohler generator.

We celebrated Kate twice, once with Diane and Joe and Seoah, Ruth, Jon, and Gabe. Then at CBE on her May 6th remembrance at the service that evening.

Yesterday I did the final spreading of Kate’s ashes. In the holy Valley.

However. There are still things to do. The kitchen’s shelving needs final placing. Some shelves still to put up. This is my work. The smaller pantry needs organizing. Dishes and pots and pans need final locations. The area under the sewing room sink needs to get cleaned out and de-mouse turded.

The bookcase downstairs still needs organizing and the tiled area there does, too.

Can’t find the energy. Each time I start to tackle it, I get distracted. Just don’t do it. Some handyman work still to do, too. The couch needs reupholstering.

Guess I’m tuckered out emotionally. And to some extent physically with all the meds and such.

Waikiki, June, 2021

I don’t want my life to be only about this and that. Gettin’ things done. I need to reacquaint myself with fun. Why I went to the Dr. Strange movie yesterday afternoon. Also, probably need a rest. Hawai’i at the end of July will be a good start, but I may need a more lengthy rest. Just what I don’t know.

Also. Fun? Been a long time. Used to golf very badly. Used to show folks around the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Visit art museums. Go to classical music concerts, theaters. Eat out in nice restaurants. Travel. Now? Nada.

But at least it’s on the screen. Accepting input on how to have fun. Ha.



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