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Monday gratefuls: That breakfast cooked by Ruth and Gabe. The card for happy Father’s day/Grandparent’s day. Talking with Joseph. Seoah on her way to Korea. Seoah’s mom, still in the hospital. The Air Force. Technology. The Ancient Brothers. Elmo, Jonas, Charlie. Grandfather, Great-Grandfather, Grandfather. Being a father and a grandfather. Family and friends. Dogs. The world in its small totality.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Ruth driving

Tarot: Knight of vessels, the Eel


Sarah took off for points north yesterday, up to Idaho to spend time with BJ. The classical sisters. Working, as the Johnsons do on vacation. This family never rests. Get a lot done. But, geez.

BJ’s house is in a small Idaho town, Driggs. She and Schecky have been working on it, making it more what they want for the last few years. Since BJ still plays the Grand Teton Music Festival in August, Driggs makes for a convenient place to be, just down Teton Pass from Jackson Hole. Convenient to Yellowstone, too.


Later in the morning Jon, Ruth, and Gabe drove up from Aurora with Ruth at the wheel, her brand new beginner’s permit tucked into her wallet. When they got here, she ran up to the loft, “Guess what, Grandpa! I drove up here. All the way.” Remember that feeling? We spent a good while unpacking the experience before she and Gabe headed back down to cook the breakfast they’d promised for Jon and me.

Eggs, bacon, lox, cream cheese, bagels. In the Sewing Room. The new destination for meals at our house now. Where we ate the meal of three salads Saturday night when Sarah was here. Glad Joe, Seoah, and Diane put in the work to get it decluttered and looking good. Thanks to all of them.

On Saturday Sarah plopped down in the red leather chair in the common room and said, “This is so comfortable, I love it here!” Changes. There was also room enough for two salad makers in the new kitchen. Well, three. Sarah and Gabe, Ruth.

It’s a changed interior, but one still deeply Kate’s with the art she bought from Jerry (Sarah’s husband) on the walls. Jon’s too. Her quilts on the beds in the guest room, the kid’s room, and my bedroom. Smaller works of hers, too. On her old sewing machine table now repurposed as a side table where we deployed the salads on Saturday.

A family gathering place. For family from near and far. When I get a bit more comfortable, for friends, too.

It was good to make the revisions I did to the space. It’s mine, yet also still Kate’s. As I want it.


Later in the day I talked to Major Joe. Seoah left Honolulu for Korea at 9:30 island time. Here’s something interesting. She had to get a tourist’s visa to enter Korea! One of the sequelae to citizenship. Her mother is still in the hospital. Joe thinks they may be keeping her there so she won’t go back to the farm during spring planting and go back to work. Koreans work hard. All the time. From centuries of poverty I imagine.

Joe and Seoah’s future is up to the Air Force bureaucracy right now. Joe got a command offer from Osan his old Korea post as well as the one he already had from Ramstein AFB near Munich, Germany. He’s ok with either one though Seoah would prefer to be in Korea. The question is whether some Air Force process I didn’t understand is too far along for the Germany posting to halt. Seoah understands this and will be ok either way.

This next week should clear that up and their future come into clearer focus. Joe’s in his first weeks as an XO to a one-star. Getting his sea legs (to mix metaphors).

We talked geo-politics for quite a while. China. Taiwan. The Philippines. Ukraine. He’s knowledgeable and engaged directly in the mix.

Murdoch’s going to have go many hours with no human in the house. Ooff. We’ll see what happens with that. He’s already checking for Seoah’s return. She’ll be gone three weeks.


A family focused weekend. Good. Tiring. Did get better sleep last night after going to bed at 8:30. May switch back to that time. I think my body prefers an earlier bed time.


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