The Audacity

Summer and the Living in the Mountains Moon


Wednesday gratefuls: Computers. The James Webb Telescope, aligned to the nanometer and performing better than expected! Rigel and Vega, beloved dogs and now memorialized by their stars in the sky. Kate. Beloved. Always. Seoah in Korea with her mom. Korea is hot, she says. Running lines with Alan, Hamish. The Showcase.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Joe, my boy

Tarot: Nine of Vessels, Generosity

Key words: “Give and receive love. Kindness, Wisdom, Grace, Openness. The blessings of the Divine in any form without expectations. Brave enough to let go of results. Stay aware of one’s boundaries”


Using Audacity, an app for recording, I laid down Eddie’s speeches in Hamish and mine’s scene. View from the Bridge. It took me a bit to learn how to use it. Not surprising. New software. Quite a lot of tools and screens, not super intuitive. Got there though.

Hamish’s lines are now in discrete boxes and I can click on them, hear his lines, then recite mine. Not perfection yet since the clicking and starting introduces a lag between cue, response, and the next cue. That’s not good for this material since the back and forth between Eddie and Alfieri often involves interrupting the other. I’ll figure out a better way.

A good tool going forward though. Once I get a new scene in the future I can put it into Audacity and I can do home sessions with live cues. Technology. Our friend. Sometimes.


Filled the Rav4 yesterday. It uses the middle grade of gas. $5.09 a gallon. $51. I’ve got it good since I drive little compared to anyone who commutes. Each time I gasp what comes right behind is, oh, this is good. Using fossil fuels should hurt. Then, but not the poor.

Also occurred to me. If I were running a company in a major global industry, one that I knew now had time limits on its existence, I would take every opportunity to push the shekels into my Scrooge McDuck swimming pool. Do you suppose this is happening right now? Ooh. Inflation. Think what we can do!


On my third Richard Powers book, Plowing in the Dark. Virtual reality as a world changer. Published in 2000. Interesting exploration of the interplay between art and software. Not quite as good as Bewilderment or Overstory. Still well-written and engaging.


Fatigue, especially later in the day, still an issue. Bah, humbug.


I’m back to my more normal reading patterns now. That is, a lot. TV in the evenings. Acting preparation filling a lot of the other time. Still not writing. A bit of sumi-e, but not really back to that either. An ennui settled over me a couple of months ago after pushing, pushing, pushing to get the house redone, a few left over administrative matters from Kate’s death. And, grief, too, I suppose. Feels appropriate and will disappear, I imagine, after Hawaii, Durango, and the road trip to my 57th high school reunion and Belews Creek, N.C. Or, at least transform.

No rush. Life moving as it can, as it will. Living it.


Weather patterns hold severe fire weather in check though the danger is still high. Looks like we may get some monsoonal moisture this year. Would be welcome.



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