A Fisher King Wound

Summer and the Living in the Mountains Moon


Sunday gratefuls: Durango trip in August. Joe, Lt. Col select. Seoah helping her parents. Kep nudges. Hamish and Tal. Lines for View From the Bridge. A cool, Rainy weekend. 44 degrees this am. 94% humidity! Ruby, a good girl in spite of her internal combustion issue. The Hermitage. Herme. The Ancient Brothers. Zoom. Technology. The life of the mind. Richard Powers. Writing for change.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Fog on Shadow Mountain

Tarot: Seven of Stones, Healing

“…what will you be healing today? Which part of you needs healing? Do your soul and your heart need it? How is your mental state? How will you heal yourself? Are you ready to get started?”  tarotx.net


A wounded Celtic warrior lies in a ring of standing Stones. Dawn rises behind as the Green Woman sits, hands earth focused, drawing on the power of Mother Earth for healing.

Dominated by patriarchal religions, patriarchal politicians, and patriarchal judges our country has suffered a deep wounding. Yet it is, I believe, a fisher King wound.* Yes, the Dobbs decision wounds women, but its abruptness and its irrationality reveal its origin in a toxic and flawed patriarchy.

This decision impaled the masculine not the feminine by unveiling frightened and reactionary men who wish to control the divine feminine. It will not stand. They are visible now in all their ugliness. In their deep distrust of the reproductive power of women and the even greater power of the feminine the Dobbs decision once again attempts to put women in their place. But it is far, far too late.

Women have had several political awakenings, all pushing back against a society over balanced toward the masculine. Dobbs is a reactionary move against just those awakenings, trying to restore male privilege. It will not work.

The seven of Stones shows the path forward. These reactionary men (with the aid of their female allies, ones who have internalized the oppressor) have impaled themselves in the genitals, unable to participate any more in the reproductive and creative processes of our culture. That is the price they will pay.

A representative of these men lies in a ring of standing Stones wounded. In order to heal he must not look to the power of the warrior or to other men. He must await the healing mercy of the divine feminine as represented by the Green Woman and the power of Mother Earth upon which she calls. The wounded warrior cannot be healed by masculine energy. Instead he must rely on the wholly unmerited intervention of the divine feminine.

What is at stake is a balanced culture which understands and welcomes the gifts of both the masculine and the feminine. An unbalanced culture the one lifting its middle finger from the steps of the Extreme Court can only make the wound worse.

Where are you with the balance of the divine feminine and the divine masculine? If you are a man, be very, very honest. See well. See with the inner eye that allows you to examine your soul. If you have let the balance in your soul tip too far toward the exclusion of the divine feminine, find what you need to heal.

Women and their male allies need to collect themselves, remember their power, and move toward healing our wounded country.





“The wound to The Fisher King, via a spear through his testicles (to the tenderest part of the male anatomy), signifies a wounding to man’s sense of potency and his self-esteem. The wounding in this “private part” of himself will not heal and equates to The Fisher Kings “Fall from Grace” (the noble part of the king has fallen from grace). He is metaphorically expelled from the Garden of Eden (The Holy Grail).”  mysterious universe

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