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Monday gratefuls: Hamish and Tal. BJ and Sarah. Tom and the Durango trip. Steam engine train. Sue Taylor. Emily. Money. Rain. Cool mornings. 47. Sourdough bread from the Bread Lounge. Rockfish. Plowing in the Dark. Browsers. Extensions. Showcase tonight. Acting. The Heavens. Settling into a new life.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Showcase

Tarot: Page of Bows, Stoat

“The sovereignty of the land means the ground below our feet is sacred. When we separate ourselves from the land, we lose touch with an important and ancient part of ourselves…”   tarotx.net


Been thinking about how I can best respond to this moment. Not the same shock as Trump’s election. Which felt disorienting, like a world turned sideways. The Extremes feel like a more clear and present danger. They’re bright; they have a mission; and they have the unaccountable power to pull it off. They did just pull it off.

Not out there anymore. Organizing brings out a side of me, a dark side, that I don’t want to revisit. When I needed the darkness, it was there and very useful. Not now. So none of that.

Giving money counts. Planned Parenthood. Certain political races in contested House districts and Senatorial elections. Doesn’t feel punchy enough for me. Postcards and phone calls, punchier, have never been my thing. Too abstract for my taste.

No more meetings. Political meetings which I used to love have turned sour for me. Too little cohesion and movement. Take too much time. Drain this introverts supply of energy.

What to do? And I need to do something. Writing occurs to me. But of what sort? Where do I differ from the voices already well-established? What unique contribution, perspective, might I offer?

My voice? Which is mine alone. Maybe. A perspective informed by myth and legend, by religious writing, by on the ground experience for many, many years. By seeing the world from a grounded perspective through the Great Wheel of the Year. A personal stake in the future with Ruth and Gabe. Joe and Seoah. A knowledge base which includes scientific minds like Tom and Bill, political knowledge like Diane, Jewish organizations like Moral Torah, Wilderness Torah, CBE.

Perhaps. But how? Write here. See where it goes? Nothing lost if it fails. Could Ancientrails transform itself into a way forward newsletter? A considered path for those open to my oddity? Might try it.


Here’s a sample.

Been thinking about the Red State Blue State divide. Becoming more and more pronounced with each Extreme Court ruling. With each state legislative session. With the continued “sorting” of Americans into like-minded enclaves. Reminds me a bit of Europe as it took shape over the centuries.

Might we be headed toward a similar future with states functioning more like small nations? California, New York, Texas, and Florida already have that flavor. Unique ambiance, distinct orientations politically, huge economies. California = United Kingdom. New York = South Korea. Texas = Canada. Florida = Mexico. see this website for other comparisons. Fee.

The more distinct and separate our legal, economic, and political lives become by state, the more likely we are to become Balkanized. Our nation will not function well if we lose federalism as a distinguishing principle. We are, after all, the United States of America.

I can imagine though a time when people choosing to immigrate to the U.S. might pick a state most likely to support their dream. And our famously mobile population, which has slowed its roll over the last few years, may be inspired to pick up the pace again as the availability of abortions begins to decrease by state. Or, as the availability of guns, of open carry increase by state. Both of these drivers could create ethnic and ideological enclaves that end at state boundaries.

Here in Colorado we legalized marijuana in 2012. For a while, I’m not sure now, adjoining state’s police were en garde when folks crossed the state line into say, Nebraska or Kansas. There’s the same possibility with abortion, especially with states like Texas creating vigilante citizens to report on their neighbors. In fact, I saw a meme on Facebook a couple of days ago offering to help folks go on “camping” trips out of state.

These are real and substantial differences, not just regional flavorings like the lakes and forests of the Upper Midwest or the desert and sandstone feel of the Southwest. As they build, could they accrete enough other difference to turn Coloradan into a sub-national identity?

Thinking out loud.

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