Frankton, Indiana. Across Black Mountain Drive.

Summer and the Aloha Moon


Tuesday gratefuls: The Showcase. Tal. Alan. Hamish. Shakespeare. Marilyn and Irv. That ladle. Laughs under the lights. The intensity of View from the Bridge. Acting. Self on the shelf. Doing something new. Blue Colorado Sky. Black Mountain. Kep. Kate, always Kate. A time of travel, relaxation, restoration. Hawaii, Durango, Alexandria. July. August. September. Joe and Seoah. Tom. 57th high school reunion.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Acting

Tarot: Three of Bows, Fulfillment

“To build…inner strength and tranquility we need to reevaluate continuously, be prudent and committed not only with our goals but also by allowing the power to flow in us…”



Go. The Acting class has ended. Showcase last night. An audience in the black box theater of the Evergreen Players, small but responsive. A green room where we watched a video of the others so we would know when to be ready. Lights. Fun. A bit nerve racking before. Not in the moment. Alan and I had fun. Hamish and I went back and forth as he refused to see the implications of his attraction to his niece. Macbeth in summary very brief and funny summary.

The afterward with the audience. Reinforcing. Plan to take a class in the fall, too. Scene study again. Tal is also doing a Chekov class. Probably advanced for me, but I’m going to ask Tal what he thinks. This was forward movement for me.


Saw my two neighbors who moved in last fall standing talking. Got up, walked over there. And said, hi. Been meaning to do it, never did. Winter doesn’t make for neighborly interactions in the Mountains.

And, got a big surprise. They’re both Hoosiers. Leanne and Jessica. Bigger surprise. Leanne is from Frankton, smaller than Alexandria and close by. A sometime rival in basketball. Leanne said she cruised Alexandria often in high school.

Still rolling over how weird. A person who knows Madison County has moved in across Black Mountain Drive from me. In the Rocky Mountains. Looking forward to getting to know them better.


Dobbs. The end of Roe v. Wade. Loosening restrictions on gun ownership. Calling the 2nd amendment a second class amendment. Yes. To the praying football coach. Unblinking call to extend the “logic” of Dobbs to same-sex marriage and other similar rights. Clarence and Ginni.

All while the January 6th committee continues to show that insurrection, sedition, and, yes, I dare call it treason came with White House involvement and coordination. Uvalde and Buffalo and Tulsa and the other 266 mass shooting since the beginning of the year. All while the world burns.

Keeping our bearings when the world shifts beneath us. How. Quiet. Realization of the world’s cycles. The Great Wheel. The Wheel of history. Some folks live through interesting times. Us. And our grandkids. Our lives need to include love as well as anger. Joy as well as despair. Gladness as well as sorrow.

Pet your dog. Kiss your spouse. Hug your grandkids. Laugh. Then pick up the phone and call your Senator, your Representative. Send money. Organize. The Republican right began their victory march well over 30 years ago. We need to start ours right now. And we need to be smart.

Republicans understand politics is about power. Liberals think it is about policy. Truth: no power, no policy. Power comes first and must be sought with cunning as well as passion. Lose the battles, lose the war. We must grasp this simple iron law if we are to enjoy a peaceful, just, and loving nation.

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