Man plans. Laughter.

Summer and the Aloha Moon

Sunday gratefuls: Two weeks to Hawai’i, Joe, Seoah, and Murdoch. Jon and Gabe cleaning out the garage of the stuff for Ruth. Yesterday. Gabe watching the Mule Deer Buck eat in the yard. Sarah and the knife rack. Narrow gauge railroads. Friends. Alan. Tom. Bill. Mario. Paul. Marilyn and Irv. Rebecca. Tara. Livin’ high. In the Arapaho National Forest. The Rockies. The holy Valley. Energy.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: A clean second bay in the garage

Tarot: A pathway spread

  1. Pole Star
  2. Fulfillment, Three of Bows
  3. Page of Bows, Stoat


Seems like my energy has begun to return. Could be. I had my best exercise week in some time last week. Might need to ramp up the walking since the Art Crawl put me way over the top. Instead of feeling worn out, I felt ready to continue. Surprised the hell out of me. Even considering doing some yard work on my own. A major change.

Jon’s going to do some handy man work for me. I need it done, he needs the cash, and Vince has disappeared for now. I imagine his father died and he’s spending time in Illinois.

Jon said he was coming up yesterday and he did. He and Gabe loaded up the Jeep and our old trailer. Opened up the second garage bay. Glad to be rid of the stuff. Now I can focus on cleaning the garage. A summer goal and part of the general clean up, paint up, fix up work I’ve been doing since Kate’s death.

Incremental work since last fall, now coming closer to an end. I’ve had a plan all along, not realized yet, but so much closer than last July. Cleaning the garage is the largest remaining task.

Also finished the clean up of the lower level. Complete now. Only thing remaining down there is finishing the curiosity cabinet and figuring out a set up near my chair. Feels good.

Have to move the photographs from the home office to the sewing room shelving. Get the second photo cabinet down from the kid’s room. Then, sort the photos, but that’s a task for the fall and winter. Get Ruth to finish looking at the remaining sewing stuff. Not much. Some pantry reshuffling. Then I’ll declare a hiatus.

Gonna focus on cooking and acting, reading, travel for the rest of the year. And, clearing up this financial tangle the hot water heater coupled with the ramped up premiums for my LTC insurance have created. On it. I have a plan there, too. Talk to Ruth Hayden, have my annual review with RJ (money manager). Get more systematic about monthly savings for large expenses.

I know man plans and woman laughs. Still…


Been thinking more about the big sort. That’s the title of author Bill Bishop’s 2009 book. His website reminded me that not only is there a sort by state, but by urban-suburban vs. rural as well. So you can have New Orleans, a liberal city in uber-conservative Louisiana. And you can have Lauren Bobert, I’m takin’ my gun on the floor of the House, as congresswoman from Colorado’s 3rd district.

So there will be an additional layer to all the wrangling about to go on. Blue metropolitan islands in rural red conservative seas. In Colorado there’s a rancher/city divide as well as a Denver Metro and Front Range divide with most of rural Colorado. But Aspen, Vail, and Breckenridge are reliably blue.

In Minnesota there’s da Cities and da Range. And the rural western counties.

Urbanization has been a global trend for the last 10,000 years and it’s not likely to slow down. As rural areas become poorer with fewer job opportunities, young rural kids will continue to move to cities to find work. About 83% of the U.S. population already lives in cities and urban areas, expected to increase to 90% by 2050. statstia

Not quite sure right now (further research required) to reconcile that 83% number and red state GOP victories at the state level, but it is a truism among geographers that cities are more liberal than their suburbs which in turn are more liberal than rural areas.

This complexifies the picture (yes, I made that word up) for the sorting and for the Europeanization (made that up to) 2 neologisms in one sentence! of the U.S. How will the blue cities in red states align with their allies in blue states and with other blue cities? Think Austin, for example. How will red states align with the rural populations in blue states?

Of course, the typical answer to these mixtures of red and blue is federalism. We wrangle out the differences in Congress and in Presidential elections. The dysfunction of the Federal government since the days of the Moral Majority has both reinforced and in some ways created the polarization of which these complexities are symptom, not cause.

Gonna do some more poking around before I write on this again.


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