Life is a cabaret…

Summer and the Aloha Moon

Thursday gratefuls: Ruth Hayden. Money. Flying on a jet plane. And, I’ll be back again. Bright blue Colorado Sky. Rains over the last few days. The holy Valley. Meds. Richard Powers. The Time of our Singing. The Actor’s Breakfast with Alan. Seeing Rich, too, at the Bread Lounge. Rebecca lunch today. Lynne and Ken. My soon to be new Water heater. Blood draw yesterday. PSA. Breakfast at Aspen Perks. Grocery pickup. Natural Grocers. Apples.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Facing front with problems

Tarot: Still gonna do a large spread.


Alan as the beggar in Fiddler

Breakfast with Alan. He called it the Actor’s Breakfast. Guess I’m in the club, now. Rich Levine was there, too. Good to see him. He mentioned the practice for this month: I am dust in the left pocket; the world was made for me in the right. Depending on how we feel, we draw the paper from our pocket and read it. A humility practice that reminds us neither to think too little or too much of ourselves. I’m in the CBE community now, deep in, and I love it.

Didn’t mention they wanted me to chair the Adult Ed committee. I said no. Committee work. Had plenty of it. More than that. Still. Wonder if I made a mistake. Might check with Luke to see if they’ve filled that slot. Might not.

Alan was incensed. He’d endowed a scholarship at CU and they weren’t going to distribute any money from it this year because when the stock sale went through it was $93 short of the amount needed. After he’d already donated thousands aside from the stock for the scholarship.

Rich rarely charges me anything for his legal work and if he does charge me something he always reduces the first amount. If I ever wanted to be a signed up member of another religion, it would be Judaism. They do mitzvahs. A lot. And are sweet about it.

A lot of MOT (members of the tribe) money flows into political campaigns, too. Especially this year. Roll tribe.

This is a quiet month, next month, too. No classes. Lots of alone time. The hermit, alone in a crowd. Family. Ancient Brothers. CBE. Neighbors. Hawai’i in a week and a half. Durango with Tom. R&R. Much needed.

Gotta go. Talking with Ruth Hayden today. Straighten out my slightly errant finances. Ta for right now.


Money. Sigh. Really gonna have to do work I’ve put off doing. Nailing down expenses, regular and occasional. Creating a weekly budget. Fingernails on chalkboards for me. Ruth said so. She’s right. I knew it. Even Joseph said so. A year ago about now. When your son has a better handle on the day to day than you do, you know you did something right. But it’s still embarrassing.

His nudging last year did get me to put together a comprehensive list of expenses, but they’ll need to be rechecked and turned into a weekly budget. I didn’t do that step. Could have. Didn’t. More adult behavior. By 75 I know when it’s needed. Yes. And, I can admit that. But. Doesn’t always mean I follow through.

Kate left me well cared for. Now it’s time for me to step up and get serious about managing the family ducats. A fun time was had by all.

One thing I’m going to be looking at with care are renewable subscriptions. In this internet age it’s so easy to click yes on a subscription and have it become an eternally renewing debit. Talk about an afterlife. Also those regular but annual expenses like auto insurance, LTC, axumin scan, synagogue dues, and a few more. Not my cup of tea as Seoah would say. Yet it needs to be. Think happy thoughts about Excel and a balanced budget. Right?







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