Who will put this country on the couch?

Summer and the Aloha Moon


Monday gratefuls: Heat. Budget done. Seeing the financial light. Ready for some Aloha. The Pacific. Waves. Islands. Native Hawi’ians. Oahu. Kauai. Big Island. Maui. Susan Taylor. Subway. Liks. Fish. Joe. Seoah. Murdoch. Hickam. Pearl Harbor. The military. July. Summer. Mini-splits. Cooking. The Common Room. Herme. The kitchen.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Islands

Tarot: Page of Vessels, Otter

“…the Page of Vessels urges us: Be playfully creative! Explore your dreams! Have an open heart! Go deep into your subconscious! How can you bring Otter’s energy into your life?”  tarotx.net


Feeling like an Otter. These fun loving animals captured Singapore, swimming in the city’s waterways. Sister Mary often sent me photos of them. While I was recovering from knee surgery, I read a book about a Scot who took in an Otter as a pet. Good pets, but ornery. I remember them at the Minnesota Zoo. In motion. Sliding. Swimming. Or, hanging out. Another example of an Animal in their home, living life as it is, as it comes. No competing for medals. No scrambling to get in the car for the morning commute. No worries about dogma. No politics. Life, lived. Following the Tao.

And Trees. The Lodgepoles. The Aspens. They root. They soar. Unlike us Animals they stay in one place for their whole life. Vishnu to our Shiva. Are they alone? No. Far from it. Trees communicate at the Rhizome level, through chemicals in the air. In their homes they live as their DNA allows. Neither nor retreating into a den or advancing toward an enemy. Their shade falls on the just and the unjust. As, unfortunately, so does their pollen.


Well, I did it. Pushed through credit card statements, checks, Amazon orders, Paypal entries. Finished what Joseph helped me start a little over a year ago when I was in Hawai’i. He even built a template for me. I had to redo the numbers of course. Found that I’m under budget overall, but need to start escrowing $1,500 or so each month. That will let me take care of the annual and random expenses like auto insurance, long-term care insurance, axumin scan, water heater replacement without having to  dip into my emergency fund. Starting in August.

Cousin Diane has a comprehensive system that would work for me, too, if I had the patience. Which I don’t. Knowing how your own finances work is a long way toward a peaceful heart and she’s there. I hope my more occasional check-in with my accounts works. I think it will. I have to talk to Ruth Hayden again in September, see if what I’ve done makes sense to her, too.

Sometime ago I developed a rule for myself. If it’s disturbing my sleep, I’m taking care of it as soon and as fast and as thoroughly as I can. Not many things have fallen under that rule, but an upcoming payment to Allianz for my long term care insurance did. That’s what prompted this sudden spurt toward adult behavior. It’s important in certain aspects of our lives to be an adult. Money is one of them.


I see my oncologist today. My PSA is fine so I imagine we’ll stay the course on the drugs. Probably schedule an axumin scan for next month. Look forward to the appointment. Synthroid appears to be working. My energy level is more stable now. More labs in the future to check my TSH. And on and on he goes. When he stops? Nobody knows.


Doing what most folks throughout history have done when their nations teetered on the brink of self-harm. Going to the grocery store. Cooking. Taking showers. Working out. Petting my dog. Visiting my kids. Talking to friends.

Sure, I’m worried that Uncle Sam won’t find the right help-line for his obvious mental illness. Where are those therapists willing to put a country on the couch?

Of course I know that the actions we take as a country over the next 4-6 years may well define the future of human habitation on Mother Earth. And, yes, people invested with the responsibility of protecting our rights have of late been throwing shackles around women’s bodies, encouraging use of weapons that kill more and more each week, crippling our ability to respond to the climate crisis. That’s all true.

Yet. I go into my small death each night with a peaceful heart and wake up to the resurrection experience of a brand new day each morning. Death and rebirth, day after day.

If I can do it, there’s hope yet for this sad, stricken land that I love.



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