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Summer and the Aloha Moon

Saturday gratefuls: The Highway Inn. Lau lau pork in greens. Egg over easy on top. White Rice and gravy. Chestnut Munia’s pecking away. The Monkey Pod Tree in bloom. The Fan Palm Seed clusters hanging like Grapes. A Pacific blue Sky. Ocean Breeze. Bird songs. An Oahu morning on Hickam AFB. Beautiful. Aloha.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: The Highway Inn filled with native Hawai’ians.


After Joe got back from the gym last night we drove to the Kaka’ako Highway Inn. Specializes in local food. Everyone eating when we came in? Native Hawai’ians. First rule of travel. Find where the locals eat. Simple tables. Friendly staff and a menu filled with unfamiliar (to me) food choices. Perfect. Honolulu’s hippest neighborhood.

Joseph said if we followed the highway on into the western part of Oahu haoles (like me) would not be welcome. He could pass. One of the enduring problems of travel. How the locals perceive those who come from far away to be in their special place.

I know this feeling first hand after living on Shadow Mountain for 8 years. The Leaf peepers in the fall. The crowds at Upper and Lower Maxwell Falls. Clogged streets in Evergreen during the summer months. Over time I’ve realized they’re there for the same reason I am. The Mountains are beautiful, cool, peaceful. Wild. However. Doesn’t mean I appreciate the bother any more.

Add in here that the folks who came to appreciate the Islands overthrew the Hawaiian monarchy and took the Islands for themselves. Well. You can see how the locals might really not appreciate the bother.

Truck drives down Kamehameha Highway in Kaneohe with Hawaiian flags attached to the bed.  Civilbeat

Last night on the way home from the Highway Inn a bright blue pickup with two large Hawai’ian flags flying from the bed passed us. At least they weren’t the Gadsen flag or the Confederate Battle Flag. I think this guy was one who didn’t appreciate haoles in his homeland.


6th day. On local time. Adjusted in body and soul. Enjoying the time away. Reading a lot. Being with Joe and Seoah and Murdoch. Haven’t done much sight seeing, but that will change today and tomorrow. Don’t really care. These trips are not about seeing Hawai’i for me, but about being with family.

I’ve seen Maui,  the Big Island, and Kauai. Many times. They have long ago defined Hawai’i for me. Oahu has some of the features they have. Ocean. Mountains. Tropical Plants. Seafood. Quaint restaurants. Yes. But it’s also very crowded. As the sign says on Brookforest Drive before the Lower Maxwell Falls parking area: Heavy Roadside Activity. Everywhere.

It does have its own charms. A Barnes and Nobles for example where I can pick up reading material. Chinatown. Which we’ll see today. The Highway Inn. The quiet experience of Hickam AFB. The Bishop Museum. Kicking’ Cajun. But the metropolitan nature detracts, for me, from the charms I’ve come to associate with the Islands. Not everyone’s experience, I know. Many people come to Hawai’i and never see anything but Oahu.


Gonna go have last night’s dinner for breakfast. Leftovers. See you on the flipside.





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