Retro. My life in hindsight

Summer and the Aloha Moon

Sunday gratefuls: Kevin. Tom. Bill. Paul. Ode. The North Shore. Of Oahu. SALT. The Honolulu Farmer’s Market. Fried mochi. Focaccia. Red bean mochi. Hibiscus tea. Retro me. The Ocean. Ships and boats. Palm Trees. Naps. People watching at the Farmer’s Market. The Vegetable Assassins. Gua bo. Thor: Love and Thunder. Hickam. Joe. Seoah. Murdoch.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: A city on an Island.


Oh, my. After we went to the Honolulu Farmer’s Market and had hot dogs at the SALT mall, Kevin, Seoah, and I walked up two flights of stairs to Hungry Ears and the Treehouse. All of a sudden I felt my age.

Hungry Ears, which both Joe and Kevin were eager to see, sells vinyl records. Vinyl. Remember? We called them, records. Joe has some of my Stones and Beatles records. Which, apparently, Hungry Ears is very eager to see. There was even a wall of cassette tapes. Lots of young folks flipping through music presented the old fashioned way. Emphasis on: in my youth. Oh.

Tree House, right next door, sells film. And cameras. You know. The ones you can’t text with, call from, or, gasp, find your latest e-mail on. What’s the point?

In the evening we went to the latest Marvel movie: Thor Love and Thunder. Also, in its way, retro for me. I started reading Marvel comics when they first came out. Bought’em at Guilkey’s News Stand. In fact Joseph found a few of my old ones, now worth thousands of dollars. I gave them to him. He collects comics and sports cards.

I first encountered this phenomena when I happened upon the Norgoma, a car ferry my family had used several times. We went on it from Tobermory, Ontario to the Bruce Peninsula, passing through the Manitoulin Islands on the way. Lake Huron. What surprised me when I found the Norgoma? It was a museum, docked in Sault St. Marie, Ontario.

Anybody have dial telephones they’d like to sell? How bout black and white televisions with rabbit ears? Cars with fins?

My life passing into the past. Being admired and loved by young folks who marvel at its simplicity. Geez.


Oahu has begun to grow on me. It has the charms, albeit the crowded charms, of the other Islands with the advantages of a metropolitan area. Medicine. Restaurants. Hustle and bustle. A resident here would learn to experience the Ocean and the Forests in ways and at times that leave the tourists in their hotels and the trails or beaches vacated.

Hickam, too. It’s a beautiful, quiet refuge from the traffic jams and street lights of the city. Strange to say that of a military base, but it’s true. The older portion of the base has distinguished trees, leafy streets, and homes designed in an Asian/Art Deco style I find pleasing.

Just sayin.





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