Political whoop ass

Summer and the Durango Moon

Thursday gratefuls: Durango trip. Another 150+ minute exercise week. Already. This makes a consistent streak since May 1st. And, two days to go. Diane. The heat. The humidity. Joe. Seoah’s wonderful pork dinner last night. Korean tacos. Murdoch the cuddler. Magic, the Gathering. Again, the wonderful wise Trees of Hickam. The Pearl Harbor Estuary. Ship horns.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Vacation


OK. I’ll admit it. Mostly this vacation I’ve read. And almost all of what I’ve read falls in the detective, thriller genres. Beach reading on the couch. Near a beach though. Sort of. I don’t read this sort of thing at home very often, not at all over the last few months. A brain vacation. Fun. But also pablum. Not nutrition for the mind. Filler. Perfect.

I could have pushed to do more I suppose but I had to come these two weeks because they were available in Susan’s schedule. They didn’t fit well with Joseph’s work. So… I’ve still got in my exercise. Though no resistance. Just didn’t want to. The food is good¬† here at Chez Joseph/Seoah so I’ve dined well.


How bout that crazy Manchin? Whadda guy! Big prize to the one who can explain his political calculus. Sorta better late than never. Lots of hurdles still ahead but we may not look like climate idiots if these bills pass.

Our country looks to take a deep dive to the right if the midterms follow traditional patterns. O dismal day. As if there is further to descend into the fear dominated mind of current right wing thought. Masks take away your freedom. To die? Guns protect the castle. From what? From whom? They’re alive! Those fetuses. And oh so important. Until the moment of birth. Then they’re welfare kids or anchor babies or children of the educated elite. And, they don’t need health care, decent education. Ah, sweet liberty.


Those January 6th hearings. And, the January 6th investigations by the FBI. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I can follow the case for not trying Trump even if the evidence is there. I can follow it, not sure whether I agree with it. It would be a historic, as in a never before ever done, precedent. That’s why Ford pardoned Nixon and nothing happened to Bill Clinton after he left office.

It would open a real can of whoop ass on politics if a sitting President knew they might face criminal charges after they leave office. A new and possibly limiting effect on Executive power. Bickering about what constitutes a crime worthy of prosecution. Internal discord. In times of crisis these might prove a real hindrance to direct and creative action.

Having said that. If there were crimes that seem to make the cut,  interfering with the peaceful transfer of power and sedition would likely be included.

Next after that decision though would be this, what would prosecution do to the nation as a whole? Here’s where I follow the don’t prosecute argument. To prosecute the “leader” of a white supremacist gang with millions of rabid and delusional followers could create a conflagration from which the country might never recover.

Yes. You could also argue the opposite. To not prosecute gives cover and reinforcement to his band of crazies. Emboldens them. Makes the illegal use of violence a more tempting option. Could entrench them. See, they’re afraid of us!

I’m not sure we could endure the ramifications of a months long Trump trial. Think of what crazy Rudy would do. Roving bands of vigilantes out for libtard blood. As well as people of color. And pro-choice folks. Gays and lesbians. On balance, I’d say no. Don’t prosecute.

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