Oh. Well. That.

Summer and the Durango Moon

Saturday gratefuls: Vacations. Ah. Walks in the evening with Murdoch, Joe, and Seoah. Mac and cheese with bacon. Comfort food made from scratch. Kim’s Convenience Store. John Grisham. Duolingo. Korean lessons getting harder. Manchin’s shift. Politics. Democracy. January 6th hearings. Diane. Mark. Mary. Family. Money.


Keep forgetting. I have an app on my phone that gives your current elevation. A good one for the Mountains. I used it here a few days ago. 11 feet above sea level. 11 feet. I can feel the Pacific lapping at my feet. Strange to be at such an apposite height from home. Strange in a good way. I can breathe. Well. At home, too. But here I have to walk a good ways to start breathing hard. On Shadow Mountain? Up the stairs.


Something about being in Hawai’i brings changes, drastic shifts in perspective. That thing about an around the world cruise? Geez, guy. Today? Looking at Honolulu rentals. Considering moving after Ruth graduates. 2024. Rent in the big city. Close to medical care if I need it. Closer to Korea where Joe and Seoah will be for four years starting May of 2023. Try the downtown urban lifestyle. With the added benefit of cheaply achieved vacations on Maui, Kauai, the Big Island. And the sights of Oahu, of course. As I said the other day, Oahu has begun to grow on me.

That pulmonologist did say I’d have to move eventually. He didn’t say where. The real shift here is the equity I have. If I sell Shadow Mountain, I’ll have cash to invest. The interest alone, combined with less than what I’m paying for my mortgage right now out of the IRA, will allow me to rent something higher end. No interest in owning anymore.

A nice apartment with an ocean view in Honolulu? Doesn’t sound bad. I’d be here ahead of Joe and Seoah who plan to return to Hawai’i to retire after Korea. There’s a UU congregation for developing friends. Besides, I imagine I would collect visitors, too. And the Hawai’i Museum of Art. The Bishop, too.

This begins to sound like a sensible plan. Fits my cash situation. Improves my health. Plants me near Joe and Seoah. And, oh, not to mention. Hawai’i.


Not sure the right words for this. Being with Joe and Seoah. Is easy. Feels warm, loving. Is warm and loving. I don’t need to be in their house, in fact don’t want to be. But on the same Island? Able to see them without a thousand dollar plus plane ticket. Feels necessary. A strong word, yes. So is the feeling. Somewhat similar it occurs to me as the feeling that prompted me to adopt Joseph. Compelling. Not easy to explain. Rooted somewhere deep.

This is the way I’ve always made big life decisions. Stuff tumbles around, clanging and clashing. Maybe for years. Maybe not. Then a feeling emerges that clarifies, knits things together, and gives me the motivation to make a major life change. Seminary. Marrying Kate. Moving to Colorado. Divorcing Raeone.

I can sense that this is one of those moments. Barring something unforeseen (always possible), come see me in Hawaii in a couple of years.

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