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Summer (last day) and the Durango Moon

Kevin and Joe at SALT

Sunday gratefuls: The end of Summer. Imbolc. Feeling sad and glad. Sad about leaving. Glad to be going home. The Trade Winds. Nico’s. Not so great, but still a nice time. Honolulu. The “Interstate” system here. The swap meet. Shave Ice. Liliha Bakery, Ala Moana. Life changes. Covid. Remember that? The Big Water: the Pacific and Lake Superior. OK. Lake Minnetonka, too. Ukraine. From Michael Banker’s perspective. Life. Vita brevis.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Lev, the heart/mind


All right son. Step back from the shoreline. You don’t want to make a decision you’ll regret. Exactly. I don’t. Want to live with regret. The question though: Regret leaving the Mountains or regret staying in them?

Forgot to mention how I ended up in Minnesota. Living in Connersville, Indiana with Judy. First wife. Sigh. Anyhow. Had read Call of the Wild and White Fang by Jack London. The landscape, Pine Trees and Freshwater Lakes, bitter Winters with lots of Snow and Sled Dogs. Sled Dogs! In central Indiana in my late teens they were mythic. Decided I wanted to live with a real four seasons, not the slush ice Januaries of the Hoosier State.

Judy was from Shiocton, Wisconsin. Outside Appleton where both Harry Houdini and Joe McCarthy have eternal rest. She wanted to go home. I hated my job as a manager trainee at W.T. Grant. No, don’t ask why I ever took such a job in the first place. Hunger, I think it was.

We loaded the car, a Nash Rambler if memory is true, gathered up Israfel, our Cat, and headed North. Israfel escaped during a stop somewhere in northern Illinois. The other two Mammals made it to Northeastern Wisconsin.

Two feet of snow and 15 degrees below zero degrees later that January. I knew I’d come home. Finding a minister who shared my view on the Vietnam War. Seminary? Our “open” marriage not working for me. Cutting rags in a paper mill for $1.75 an hour. I left and Judy stayed. She got the house and the VW Mini-bus. I got the Nash. Which I drove to New Brighton, Minnesota.

That was 1971. I didn’t leave Minnesota until 2014 when Kate and I headed for the Mountains. 40 plus years based on reading a couple of novels. SeeĀ  how this works?


Warner Robbins, GA

Age 29. Be a parent. What was that? You need to be a parent. I do? Why? No reason. Just have a kid. Well. I don’t know. Yes you do. A failed vasectomy reversal later and Raeone, second wife, and I had papers notarized and signed by the chief notary and kissed by the US Government, Indian bureaucracy makes the military look like a model of effeciency. December 15th, 1981. A wicker basket. Two tiny, tiny Indian boys: William and Joseph.

40 years later I’m sitting in Hawai’i on that same boy’s lanai, watching the Sun burn off the early morning clouds over the Ko’olau range, waiting for the heat of the day to commence.

Nancy Pelosi’s blue and white official jet sits on a parking ramp (Joe said that’s what they’re called) about half a mile from here. She started her Asia tour with a stop at Hickam AFB. Then onto Singapore.

Life’s winding way.


Will test this notion, moving, over the next six months or so. Check out details. Run the numbers. Make it possible by starting to prune even more drastically. Hold it gently in my lev, not pushing, not depressing. Trying my best to be honest, clear.

See which way the inner wind blows. If it becomes a Trade Wind. Aloha.

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