Gosh, Indiana

Imbolc and the Durango Moon

Sunday gratefuls: Kep, who must be bathed. That Island dream. The path toward it. Joe and Seoah. So much love. Gut issues. Resolving. Good labs for Dr. Gonzalez. TSH still high though coming down. Cool Mountain Morning. Cumulus over Black Mountain. The Sun seen in the east. Those silly Chinese. The people of Taiwan and the Ukraine, small against big. Democracy against thug government. Go, David.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Taiwan


Made myself pan seared halibut with tater tots. I know, but I love them anyhow. The cowboy caviar I made on Wednesday added the veggies. A most excellent meal. I find I enjoy cooking a full meal for myself two or three times a week. Other times I have a salad or something else simple. Occasionally I’ll go out or grab a Subway.

Still working on portion size though. That cowboy caviar? Could have been about half. Though I was making it for dinner with a friend who had to cancel. I sauteed some shrimp with it. Also a nice meal. Less and less red meat.

Seafood is plentiful and cheaper than most other food items in Hawai’i. The Manoa neighborhood, my current focus, has several farmer’s markets a week. I’ve always wanted to shop the same day for ingredients for my meals. The secret to Italian cooking (in Italy), which I consider the finest I’ve ever had.


Gosh, Indiana. Working even harder at making yourself a place I’m embarrassed to be from. Competing with Texas this time. That abortion law. I spent time in early college connecting college women with an abortionist I knew. Not often, maybe three, four times, but I remember the bad old days. Criminalizing women’s actions. Criminalizing their choices about medical care. Yes, this is the way forward. To theocracy. Check out medieval Europe. Switzerland under Calvin. Spain during the Inquistion and the Reconquista. Good times, eh?

Indiana also has white supremacists. And has had. Electing governors and senators. Lynching black men. Sundown towns. Now squeezing the options for health care for every poor woman in the state. I never really investigated the source of this. Always suspected it was theĀ  Southern diaspora of poor whites coming to work in the manufacturing areas of the North. Whatever it was it makes Indiana a place I no longer wish to live.


The Indo-Pacific Command has an outsized role to play over the next few years as Xi Jinping attempts to become a new emperor. Like ancient Rome China vigorously defends its borders, often by invading and swallowing what it considers rival or strategic places. See Tibet and Hong Kong. And, Taiwan. Also like ancient Rome it attempts to secure its trading alliances even further out through any means possible, especially debt peonage in Africa and increasingly in Latin America.

My reading of Chinese history, shallow though it may be, says that China does not have world conquest as a goal, however. It does not seek to make the world safe for communism. It seeks to make the world safe for the people of China. Very different. Not as ambitious politically or militarily.

Joseph has served one tour in Korea, gone to school in Singapore, and has been at the Indo-Pacific Command in Hawai’i for the last two years. He goes next to Korea for four years. Asia is both his and his wife’s birthplace and the focus of his late career as a field grade officer, that is, Major and now Lt. Col. select. He and Seoah want to retire to Hawai’i because they both feel comfortable there.

This is the major reason (ha) I plan to move to Honolulu. Wouldn’t do it if they didn’t plan to end up there.. Probably move to a small college town somewhere in the West otherwise.

It also means Joe will be in the heart of world affairs for the remainder of his career. I’m proud of him and the sensibility he brings to his job. We’re lucky to have officers like him in the U.S. military.


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