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Lughnasa and the Harvest Moon

Sunday gratefuls: Friends. Ode and his memoir. Rich Levine and the Chicken, Hawai’ian rolls, and salad. Joseph and his help with the move. Seoah on Kauai. Murdoch looking sad. As he always does. Raccoon eyes. Kep’s injection. His allergies. A cool and somewhat Rainy week. Robin, a Senior Move Manager. Joe’s realtor in Miliani. Contacting rental agents. Japanese sleeping systems. Kailua. Dreams.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Dreams


OK. Dream meisters. Here’s one. In my dream I visited the Indiana State School for the Blind. It had a great 19th century lobby with a huge fountain to the right, water flowing over curved smooth marble. Big. 30 feet across.

“I love these 19th century lobby’s,” I said to whoever I was with.

The reception desk was also grand. Polished wood, formal. I was directed into the dining hall where I sat down with two residents. One was legally blind but could see with the help of a magnifying glass. We were at a long oak table, like the Hogwart’s tables.

The girl who was legally blind said, “You know, every year, the kids from this private school come, stand in the corridors where our rooms are, and yell: Send Help Now! Send Help Now! It’s very annoying.”

I talked with her about how they might disrupt, stop it.

That’s the dream. Odd, eh?


Finally got a call back from Robin, a Senior Move Manager, who lives in Morrison, just down the hill from me. She’s coming on September 7th. By then I will have talked with all three realtors, at least three rental agents in Hawai’i. This should complete the initial information gathering. On the 10th Joseph and I will talk again. He’s doing some research about the possibility of renting on Hickam. Involves military legal matters.

By then I should have enough information to make initial decisions. Will I be able to find an apartment for Kep and me? If so, are there any available now or in the near (next 3 months) future? How much will the move manager cost? How long will it take for her to complete her work? What do I want to do beyond painting, patch up work, if any, to sell the house? When is the best time to put the house on the market? If I can make $500,000 or more, I don’t care when it goes on the market.

Which moving company would be a next tier question. Also the question of the car. Joe recommended a different location, further out from Honolulu that might change my thinking on that. The process is underway. Has momentum.

Right now I’m thinking I’ll repeat our Andover/Conifer strategy of moving out before the house is sold, moving, and paying mortgage and rent until it’s done. Solves a lot of logistical issue.

I had this feeling that the ball might roll faster once I started. Sort of one thing reinforces the other. Problems come up. Solutions have to be found. Snags happen. Require adaptation. Adjustment. All of those tweaks have the effect of feeding off each other, making things more real, entwining with each other in ways that will see the whole accomplished.

Aloha to Shadow Mountain, to Colorado, to CONUS. Aloha to Island life. Sometime. Maybe in the not so distant future.


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