By September 9th

Lughnasa and the Harvest Moon

Thursday gratefuls: Alan. Alice. This property. Paying my way to Hawai’i. Kep. The sweetheart. Kate, always Kate, who found this place. Her wisdom still undergirds my life. That Rabbit. The Rain. A Fall feeling in the Air. Solar panels. Induction stove. 220 to the garage. A green home, even if no one wants that. Better than when we bought it.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Alice’s market analysis


The numbers have begun to come in. Alice was first and Robert Martin is tomorrow. Alice’s analysis put me in a somewhat better position than I’d hoped. Or, in other words, in a position to pull off this move to Hawai’i. We’ll see what Robert has to say. Linda, who just had the funeral for her significant other Tuesday, still has interest, but I don’t expect to hear from her until next week.

I’m going to choose a realtor by next Friday. After I’ve had a chance to consult with Robin, the move manager. I may start connecting with movers now, too. Again, I’ll interview three. Probably Mauston, Royal Hawaiian, and Allied.

Alice introduced an idea I liked. She says I could sell, then stay in the house for a month or even two months. This would allow me to finish clearing out the house, have a house sitter come to stay with Kep while I go apartment shopping, then be able to come back and arrange Kep’s transport and my one-way trip. Solves a lot of logistical issues. Also, I’d have the cash available right then.

I admit I’m relieved. Until I had some real numbers I was still playing fantasy move. Now I’m confident I can pull this off.

Gonna talk to Alan this morning about how to choose a realtor. I like all of them for different reasons. Linda is a neighbor and sold property across from me last fall. Robert seems organized, competent, and communicates very well. Alice has a lot of energy, her analysis was frank and fair.

Having to be a big boy. Sure wish Kate were here to participate. She’d be excited about moving to Hawai’i.


Didn’t like the fatigue yesterday. Came on in the morning, sent me right back to bed. May it not continue. I’m tired of being fatigued. Ha!

I think my taste buds have a lingering Covid effect. Food tastes different. Water has a metallic taste. Neither are dramatic, but there anyhow.

See the Omicron boosters will be available next week. I’ll get one and the flu vaccine at the same time. One for each arm. With my recent illness this should give me super immunity for a bit.


Joseph has had a top security clearance for many years. At Warner-Robbins he often worked in an office for secure documents only. On the outside of the door an officer had taped a broken cell phone. No personal electronics in the room. Like other government officials who have high level security clearances, Joseph takes them seriously. Very seriously.

Taking them home, spreading them out on the floor, a couple open? A military officer would be court martialed.

The callous disregard for American security by the Velveeta Klansman insults every one in government whose duty to protect our secrets comes with the job. No matter his rationale.

But, you already know this, right? When. Will. He. Be. Over.?



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