Wiped Out

Lughnasa and the Harvest Moon

Tuesday gratefuls: Paul and Michael. Driving up from Boulder. CBE friends gathering for support. Rich Levine. Joe, getting his lists and time off. Seoah, worried about us. Both coming. Alan. This morning. Marilyn and Tara, calling. Jon. Kate, always Kate. Exhaustion. Depletion. Jon’s house. Kep. Marina Harris. Rabbi Jamie

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Family


Wow. Beat down. Depleted. Exhausted. Hammered.

Have cried no tears for Jon. Not sure why. Complicated relationship. Jen at the house Sunday night. The kids. The shock. Not sure. Experiencing this more as a major emotional shock than a death. At least right now.

This time I do need help. I always need help, of course, but this time I’m not sure I can hold up even my end of things for a bit. Till I get some more rest, some more care.

Covid. My damned washer, which is not working! The move. A happy stress, but still… Kate’s death brought back to me. Her son. Her poor, conflicted troubled son. Dead. Oh.

Sometimes the world throws more at you than the heart can handle. This is one of those times for me. I will right myself, I know that. At the moment however I’m going to lean on friends and family. Try to get some more sleep.


As always just writing that helped. I can see myself in the mirror of my words.

Short one. Seeing Alan for breakfast, then BJ’s coming up. Called Crow Hill Appliance to fix my washer. May be here today. Four people in the house will need a working washer.

OK. So maybe I can handle some of the stuff on my end. Also, Marina Harris’ crew comes today to clean. Perfect timing.

Some good stuff.


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